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Will he go to summer camp…?

After the spring school vacation, the children in Moldova put all their efforts in preparing for school exams in May month (it is last school month). While some children are promised by their parents that their good school results grant them a funny and full of wonderful experiences summer vacation, others just dream about it. They know that summer vacation is for working hard in the field thus earning some money for the school supplies of next studying year, taking care of their younger siblings and helping their parents with house holding chores. Unfortunately, they do not know how a summer camp looks like and what it is like having leisure and just being free of all their responsibilities; even if it is for a short period of time. The majority of these children come from needy and socially-vulnerable families living in the rural areas of Moldova.

Among other running projects, Hope and Future Moldova Foundation has a Project that intends to offer a rest in the summer camp to the impoverished children from struggling families to enjoy the holiday fun in the company of other children. Summer Camp is the dream of each child when the big summer holidays come. Unhappily, it remains to be a dream for majority socially-vulnerable children.

Marius is 8 year old boy. He comes from a poor and single parent family living in Crihana Veche village. The child has an older sister, Andrea, and a younger brother, Iulian. His mother, Mrs. Ecaterina, takes care and bears her three children by herself. His father is imprisoned for a long period. The whole life of Mrs. Ecaterina has been all of fighting. Ecaterina grew up in a family with alcohol-addicted parents. Her childhood was a nightmare. When other children remember about their childhood with great pleasure of having loving and caring parents, of spending time together, discussing, playing and doing a variety of activities together, Mrs. Ecaterina has tears in her eyes when speaking about her childhood. Her parents spent the last coin buying alcohol and the children many times remained with no food and clothes. ‘My life in the parents’ house was a nightmare. We missed lots of things we needed. I remember when I was in 9th grades at school, all my colleagues had nice clothes, while my winter coat was so small that the end of its sleeves where close to my elbow. I always was the reason of my colleagues’ mocks. My parents did not care what I wore, what I ate… anything. I just wanted to escape from that hell. Unfortunately, the family of my husband is alcohol addicted people, too. In the absence of my husband, I was not able to share same house and yard with my mother-in-low as she sold everything she found in the house (food items, fire woods, clothes, etc) on alcohol. That it is why I rent a house and stay together with my children. I ask God to give me enough strength to grow up my children and do everything that my children not starve.’ – expressed Mrs. Ecaterina.

Marius studies in 1st grade at school. He likes attending school and is an obedient child. His favorite subject is writing. Indeed, he has legible and nice hand writing. Marius would like to become a driver. In his free time he helps his mother with various house holding chores and takes care of his younger brother. When other children of his ages still think about playing games and toy cars, Marius thinks as an adult. He knows the possibilities of his family and does not ask more as he is offered. ‘I would like to go to a summer camp. I heard from other children that there is very interesting and children spent nice time there. But I know my mom does not afford to buy a ticket for me for summer camp. I also want to enjoy the fun and the atmosphere from summer camp. I do not have many plans for the coming summer holidays. I will help my mother working the garden, taking care of my younger brother and other works that I can do. I listen with sadness in my heart to the stories of my colleagues when they tell about their holidays. Unfortunately, I don’ have too much to say about mine, as I do same works. My family has limited possibilities and my mom cannot afford to send me to a summer camp. I would love to attend a summer camp, at least once in my life….’ – shared Marius about his desire of going to a summer camp.

Mrs. Ecaterina is a responsible parent. The lack of jobs in the area heats this family, too. Mrs. Ecaterina is jobless, even if she has been hunting a job for a long time. She is looking forward to spring and summer seasons when she will find something to do in the farmers’ field like cutting vine branches, hoeing and other agricultural works. Unfortunately, this sort of job is periodically and one week she may have something to do, while in others nothing. ‘I am jobless. It is very difficult for me to bear the children by myself. We are so grateful to Hope and Future Moldova foundation as they offered our family food items. We are grateful to Community Center as my children go and have the meal there and participate in various activities for children there. I am so unhappy when my children share with me the stories of their colleagues of attending summer camps and they do not have this possibility. My heart is crying. But this is the situation. I cannot afford this luxury for them…. A mother’s heart feels the sadness of her children. But it is over my efforts. I can’t afford this, at all.’ – expressed Mrs. Ecaterina through sighs.

Regretfully, thousands of children in rural areas of Moldova share same life story as Marius does. It is sad, but true. Please consider what you are able to contribute to send needy children to camp this year. Thank you for receptiveness. We cannot do it without your partnership with us.

Dear Friend, if you are interested in partnering with us in this great ministry and bringing hope and joy into the hearts of needy children this summer, please contact us on office@hopeandfuture.org. We will be happy to answer all your questions.


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