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What a joy and happiness!!


Christmas is a special time of the year when we celebrate the Child in the manger and are close to our families sharing love and presents.

Many socially-vulnerable children do not feel the atmosphere of this holiday and for them it is a time as any other of the year. Their poor families fight with meeting ends and it looks like in vain. The children even do not dare to ask from their parents small presents or something like this.

We at Hope and Future Foundation in Moldova have limited sources and could not cover such a big number of children with Christmas presents. On behalf of 1000 children who benefited from shoeboxes, Hope and Future Foundation in Moldova would like to express sincere words of gratitude for the wonderful donation.

‘I liked very much receiving a shoebox. I enjoyed every item I found there. I liked the school supplies, the toys, the colorful hair ties and many other useful items. I have never received such a Christmas present! My family shares poor living conditions and my parents would never afford to buy such a gift on Christmas! Thank you for thinking about me!’ – shared Mihaela, a girl who received a Christmas shoebox.

‘I like this Christmas present! It is wonderful! I have inside many useful things. I needed some more school supplies as they are finished already and look, here I have received what I needed! I like them very much! I will take care of them and use at school! I also received a toy car. I wanted to have one like this as it is from a cartoon my school mates told me about. It was my dream to have one… and I have one! Thank you very much!’ – expressed Iulian, a boy who benefited from Christmas shoebox.

‘On behalf of all these happy children, I would like to thank all our partners who made this happen! Thank you for thinking about our children and for standing by them especially on Christmas when everyone around speak about gifts and presents. Thank you for making them feel loved and cared! It is wonderful to see them happy, smiling, accomplished and viewing with their own eyes their dreams coming true!’ – said Mrs. Valentina, a worker at Community Center in Crihana Veche village.

Thank you for bringing the smile on children’s faces and hope to their small hearts. It was a blessed time for both Hope and Future team and children as we managed to share Jesus love to them and the true meaning of celebrating Christmas. Thank you for caring and loving the children in Moldova.

May God reward you richly for all your efforts!


Hope and Future Team in Moldova

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