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Warm Winter for Poor!

Winter cold and frost is a big challenge for socially-vulnerable strata of Moldova. The cold period of year caught the needy people totally unprepared to face it. The lack of necessary funds and the high prices for winter fuel made the burden of needy families much bigger. Living in dire poverty, many of them had no heating means, thus using ragged stuff they find in their household, tree branches, dried corn stalks and cobs, etc. Poor families even cut off the fruit trees they had in their garden which were a source of existence in summer and autumn. Having no other options, they thought more about the health of their children and with grieving hearts they cut off the fruit trees and heated their homes with them.

This winter Hope and Future foundation, with the help of our supporters from abroad, offered firewoods to 45 poor families, lonely elderly, invalid people and single parent families. Working in close partnership with Local Administration, H&F helped with firewoods 10 destitute families at the request of Mayoralty of Crihana Veche village.

‘Thank you for this tremendous support offered to my family. It is the dream had from summer time – to have firewoods for winter time. With your help, my house will be heated and my grandchildren will not experience cold anymore.’ – shared Mrs. Nina, a grandmother caring of her two grandchildren.

‘I can’t believe it even if I have touched the fire woods. Thank you for such a nice present on the eve of winter holidays. Our winter holidays will be better because we will have a warmed house.’ – said Mrs. Natalia joyfully.

‘Thank you for considering my family when sharing the fire woods. I am a single mother and it is very difficult for me to cope with all daily problems and cover the basic needs of my four children. Thank you for the kindness and care you show towards my family. We are not scarred anymore of frost winter. It may come we are prepared now due to your generosity and tremendous support! May God bless our supporters from abroad who are close to my family in this hard time for us!’ – shared Mrs. Elena, single mother who cares of her four young children.

‘On behalf of all beneficiaries of this great project, we would like to express sincere words of gratitude. The joy of receiving fire woods in these cold days of winter is great. They came to the Community Center so burdened of their hard lives, but seeing the pile of fire woods they had to carry home, turned their sad faces into shining ones. It is incredible experience. This gesture brought smiles on their faces which is priceless. We really Dream Big! We dream to bring Hope for a better Future in the lives of poor people in Moldova. We dream to do something effective which will erase poverty from the lives of needy families and children of Moldova. I believe that if distributing these useful and helpful winter fuel ensure warm winter for the needy, it also gives the donors the joy of giving!! That is why I want to thank all the supporters who contributed to brining warmth into the homes of helpless and needy families in the southern area of Moldova!!! Your support is priceless! May God reward you richly!!’ – expressed Tudor, Community Center Coordinator.

Thank you so much for standing with us! Each one of you who supported us with this project, prayed for the needy people of Moldova and generously donated towards this project made an impact in the lives of the socially-vulnerable children, destitute families and lonely elderly.

Even so, there are many other poor families who still need support. If you want to be a part of their lives and make a difference, you may contact us at office@hopeandfuture.org . We will do our best to give you farther details. Thank you for receptivity.

H&F team

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