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Visiting Transnistria


Dear Friends!

I would like to let you know that during the period of 3rd through 25th of May I visited Transnistria for several times. The goal of my visits was to visit the orphanages, meet the orphanage Administrations and seek various possibilities of cooperation and ways of supporting the children resided in the orphanages. Therefore, farther I would like to give you an information on these visits.

The poverty and the day by day difficulties are very well known by the orphan and socially-vulnerable children. In those 15 orphanages in Transnistria there are sheltered about three thousand children. The lack of daily necessary items affect the development of these children as well as their future. The needs in the Transnistrian orphanage are big. They face with lots of troubles and challenges. The most necessary items are: hygiene items (soap, shampoo, liquid soap, washing powder, tooth paste, tooth brushes, disinfectants); also they need school supplies (notebooks, pens, crayons, felt-tip pens, coloring books, etc); for a better educational training and learning the orphanage staff need visual aids, books, dictionaries, geographical maps, etc. There is seen a big need of sport equipment like volleyball, football, basketball, tennis games, etc. The orphanage Administrations are not able to offer all these necessary items to their children. Following the bad difficulties the Homes are facing with, we want to be close to these children and support them to a certain extent. Hope and Future Foundation will offer these children the necessary support for a better future.

That it is why, Hope and Future Foundation visited the children in Parcani orphanage and brought them sport equipment. Children’s joy was great. They touched the sport equipment and started to plan the games and to form playing teams. Their happiness could not be measured. The orphanage Director, Mrs Valentina expressed sincere words of gratitude to all generous and big-hearted supporters who decided to stay close to the children in Parcani orphanage. Parcani orphanage shelters 230 children out of which 130 are orphans. The children’s ages are between 6 and 16 years old. We want to thank our kind-hearted supporters from Norway who made it possible to be purchased and offer sport equipment to the needy children in Parcani orphanage.

We invite all generous and big-hearted people who want to be close to these children; to make a difference in their lives and to offer hope for a better future!

Ion Groza
Director of Hope and Future Foundation Moldova

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