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Visit of Annelies Zijp to Moldova!!!

Dear Friends, Supporters and Visitors of our website,

As we informed in our previous material, we had a very important visitor at our summer camp. This was nice lady whose name is Annelies Zijp and came from The Nederlands. Annelies is a committed supporter of Hope and Future foundation and had the opportunity to experience the summer camp project being fully involved in it. She spent eight days in the summer camp together with children and volunteers and visited her sponsored family. Annelies shared her experience at summer camp. Enjoy reading it below!

‘Last week I spent on the summer camp at Moldova. For me it was my great joy to meet all my friends again and spend some time with them!

Last years when I visited Moldova I spent my time at Community Center, so for me it was the first time I went to the camp, a very nice new experience.

I was especially impressed by the theater. The children liked to watch the Bible sketches and associated songs. The children liked to watch, but also to make a sketch by themselves. With the help of the leaders they made very funny sketches. For me the fact that most children dared to play on stage, showed that they felt safe enough to be themselves. While they were watching, singing and playing they learned God is with them and loves them. They all are His children.

Also the sports and games were very good. Because the children had the same goal it forced them to work together and support each other. It gave solidarity.

Spending time on the camp also gave me the possibility to spend some time with my sponsor child. Normally she is closed and shy, but during the camp I saw her opening herself while she was enjoying the games, handcrafts and bible studies. She was very proud of the things she made during the handcrafts and came to show me. On the camp she started to talk to me entire day. It was very nice to see her having so much fun.

The nice thing about spending some time at Moldova every year is to see the progression. I noticed for example more children then five years ago learn or want to learn to speak English. Even if some of them just started to learn, the children enjoyed asking for my name, wishing me ‘Good morning!’ or asking how I was doing. Because they like to have visitors from abroad they are motivated to learn.

At the end of the camp we had a paper lampion releasing moment. This was a symbol of my relationship with Moldova as it flew away with me. I really enjoyed the week and I’m looking forward already for next year!’

On behalf of all children and volunteers participating in H&F summer camp, we would like to thank Annelies for her commitment to the ministry. Thank you for everything you continue to do for the socially-vulnerable children and poor families in Moldova. May God reward you richly!

H&F team

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