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Unforgettable memories of summer camp!!!

In March month we wrote a story of a child called Marius. At that moment, the big desire of this young boy was to experience the summer camp. With a jobless mother and an imprisoned father, child’s family would never afford to send their children to a summer camp. So, we wondered then ‘Will he go to summer camp..?’

Nothing is impossible to God when the sincere prayers of children get to His ear. ‘I prayed God during whole year to make it possible for me to go to a summer camp. I knew that my mom would not be able to send me to summer camp. I saw how hard it was for her to feed us during the year… I saw how she put all her efforts to make the ends meet in our family… but I know she does not have money for many things I want…’ – expressed Marius with sadness in a low voice. Our Mighty Lord showed His mercy and love towards this child. Marius attended the summer camp of Hope and Future foundation.

It was the first camp Marius experienced. Far from the daily chores he has to do at home, even if he is an eight years old child, Marius enjoyed the peaceful, friendly and Christian atmosphere of summer camp. ‘In the beginning of the summer camp, Marius was shy. He hardly would express himself or share his thoughts. Even though I always challenged him to say something or to share what he liked or not. In this way, little by little, Marius started to open himself. I am astonished to tell that he is a very friendly, obedient and responsible child. He was very attentive during Bible lessons and group discussions. In the end he even started to actively participate in discussions. He enjoyed singing and acting. The summer camp helped Marius to forget all the daily problems they have at home, to be a child and enjoy the childhood, to know God and have Him as His friend.’ – expressed Mrs. Anastasia, child’s educator in the summer camp.

Marius enjoyed all the activities in the summer camp. There he attended with great pleasure the Bible lessons in the morning and evening chapels where he learnt Bible truth and verses. ‘I liked the Bible lessons very much. They were so interesting and on our understanding. My favorite Bible story is of David and Goliath. David was a courageous and brave young shepherd, but God chose him to be the one who fought with Goliath. I want to be like him.’ – laughed Marius.

H&F volunteers carried out lots of activities that could be attended by children according to their interests. The children enthusiastically participated in the sport games, contests, crafts, watching videos, performing. The meals were delicious and children daily received fresh vegetables and fruits. ‘I liked very much being in the summer camp. Here I made lots of friends. The educators are careful and loving. The sport games are funny and interesting. I made many crafts and I keep them carefully because I want to bring them to my mom when I go back home. I liked the food which was very good and tasty. I thank everyone who helped me to attend this summer camp. I am grateful to kind people who offered the possibility of experiencing the summer camp to other children like me, too. I have so many nice memories of this summer camp. Thank you for these unforgettable memories you offered me this summer! They will stay for a long time in my heart. Now I am like other children as I have what to tell them about my summer holiday! I would like the summer camp would never end. Here is so good!’ – shared Marius happy, but in the same time with a nugget of sadness in his voice because the summer camp finished.

Mrs. Ecaterina, Marius’ mother, was extremely pleased to know that her child was offered the chance to go to summer camp. Her joy was tremendous when her child came back with a baggage of lots of new things learnt in the summer camp. ‘It is so nice to see a smiley and happy kid. He came back from summer camp with lots of enthusiasm and always has something to share about. I am happy for him that his dream has become true. I want to thank Hope and Future foundation and its partners for making my child happy and offering him unforgettable memories of his childhood!’ – shared Mrs. Ecaterina.

It is the experience and story of one child. Hope and Future foundation offered the possibility of attending the summer camp to 300 socially-vulnerable children. Think that there are three hundred stories and lives touched by God’s love showed to them by those who supported this project and by those who cared of them in the summer camp. We pray God continue to grow the seed put into these small hearts.

You know, from our work experience with our beneficiaries we have learnt a very important lesson. We have learnt that people have forgot what we told them in one or another situation… they have forgot at one point what we did for them…. but they have never forgot the feelings of joy and cheer brought by those who served them.

On behalf of all camp participants, we would like to express sincere words of gratitude to our Norwegian and Dutch partners who made the summer camp possible and offered unforgettable memories of summer camp to hundreds of children. May all your efforts be rewarded generously!

H&F team

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