A little help is a great future!

Their lives is all of fighting

Chiper is a poor and single parent family. The mother, Mrs. Sofia, puts all her efforts to bear up her three children by herself. She fights day and night for her children in order to gain a loaf of bread. At her 40 years old, Mrs. Sofia managed to gather sad and painful life experiences as many of us could not imagine.

The father of the family suffered of a sickness and several years ago deceased. They did not share luxury living conditions the days before when their father was alive, but they had someone close to them who encouraged them to move on through all life difficulties. Aladin, the older child of the family who is 15 years old has been in the situation to take on his shoulders many of the father’s responsibilities in order to support his mother and his younger sisters Dumitrita (10 years old) and Nicoleta (5 years old).

The family does not have their house that it is why they rent the house they live in. Their house hold is not connected to the central gas pipe. The water is carried with buckets from the nearest well. Even if the poverty is noticed in every corner of their house and yard and brings lots of problems and difficulties to this family, they are happy that they stay altogether. Besides the daily challenges the family faces with day by day, the lacks and the needs many times steal the only hope they would have for their future.

Mrs. Sofia suffers from high blood pressure and bone sickness. Aladin has problems with his stomach and one of his legs at which he has suffered an accident. Dumitrita is a very diligent child at school and she often gets cold. Nicoleta’s immune system is poor and often gets pneumonia.

Without a permanent job, without any support from anyone, just finding from time to time an occasional work in the field, this mother strives with all her efforts to grow up her children by herself. I do not expect any help from anywhere, as all people face with difficulties and life problems. ‘It is very difficult for me to make the ends meet, but I do not have anyone to complain to. That it is why, I take refuge in our kitchen that is a separated building and burst into tears and cry full of bitterness my life and the situation we are in. I cry that I cannot offer as much as it is possible to my children. Sometimes it looks like we have entered a tunnel, but we do not see the light in the end of the tunnel.’ – shared Mrs. Sofia through tears.

As about the kitchen Mrs. Sofia mentioned of, looks like a barn and not as a room equipped for preparing the food. The meals are prepared at a hand-made stove using fire woods. During rains, the barn fills with water because of the old roofing, rotten windows and holey wall.

Many needy families in Moldova share the same fate and living conditions as Chiper’s family. They need support to be able to get out of their difficult problems.

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