A little help is a great future!

The first truck with goods arrived to Hope and Future foundation!

Dear Friends, Colleagues, Partners and Visitors of our website,

Last week Hope and Future foundation received the first truck filled with wonderful gifts in kind goods from our partner Gam Care, Belgium. I would like to heartily thank Mr. Hugo Kusters and our friends and colleagues from Hope and Future in Holland for making this shipment possible. I am grateful to you ALL for having a big heart for needy people in Moldova. It is a tremendous support for our beneficiaries and your kind deed and generosity will stay in their hearts for a long time.

The goods are of high quality and will be very helpful to our beneficiaries. The clothes, new boots, paint, furniture, carriers, notebooks, baby beds and other wonderful goods will improve the living conditions of our beneficiaries and we will bring hope into their lives and homes.

Thank you for the noble heart and generosity you have towards needy people in Moldova!


John Groza and H&F MD team

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