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The Day of Secret Friend!

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We would like to continue telling you about the development of the 1st shift of summer camp project of Hope and Future foundation. Probably you followed us day by day and learnt about the activities the children are involved in. The daily program of the summer camp sounds to be same, but the variety of activities the children participate in is large, attractive and the children are involved spiritually, emotionally and physically.

A new day started and everything around forboded to be an amazing day ahead. Why? Because today is the Day of Secret Friend. All the children, their educators and other camp stuff should prepare small nice presents and write kind letters which were offered to their friends, but without revealing their identity. In this way they stayed to be ‘Secret Friends’. It was a special experience for everyone participating in wonderful activity. The children again proved to be creative, smart, ingenious and assiduous in surprising their friends. All the small presents the children had the chance to make by themselves during handicrafts activities.

The Bible lesson told the children about Jesus feeding the five thousands with five small barley loaves and two small fish. The Bible verse of the lesson was ‘God love a cheerful giver.’ 2 Corinthians 9:7b (NIV) The Bible truth learnt by children out of this lesson was that the man does not require only physical food for his living, but he also needs spiritual food for his soul. ‘It was a special Bible lesson. The children were carefully listening to every word told in the sketch we performed. It is very important to convey the message according to their ages and understanding. They were very receptive to Bible message and absorbed every information. Through His example of feeding five thousands of people only having five small barley loaves and two small fih, Lord Jesus taught his desciples a lesson, they had to be faithful to God. As today we have to be faithful Christians and share His love to people around and be His faithful desciples in telling people about His plan of salvation. We have to be cheerful givers, as God loves them. May God help us to be examples for these children and we pray God touch their hearts with the message of today’s Bible lesson.’ – expressed Elena, one of Christian Input volunteers of the summer camp.

‘It was an interesting Bible lesson. I am amazed of the way Jesus fed a large number of people. He showed once again His love towards humankind. I learnt about His love and kindness He has towards me. Lord Jesus taught me today to be a cheerful giver and care of those who are in need. Thank you for this nice Bible lesson.’ – shared Magdalena, a camp attendee from Colibasi village.

‘I would like to thank the staff and volunteers of Hope and Future foundation for offering us unforgettable memories of this summer camp experience. I learnt lots of interesting Bible verses and stories. The Bible truth helped me to enhance my spiritual estate. I will do my best and be kind with those in need as God loves the cheerful giver. I have what to think about from now. I even know how and where to apply it when I go home. Thank you for wonderful time of summer camp!’ – expressed Mihaela, a camp attendee from Pelinei village.

The Drwaing Contest was organized for the children in the camp. Each team sent a talented child in drawing. The children demonstrated their talents. The best drawing was appreciated and the winner was awarded with a nice present for the masterpiece.

The children participated in evening chapel with performances, songs, Bible verses, poems and a time of worshiping. Close to these there were carried out various fun contests for them. The joy wrapped the children’s hearts as they enjoyed receiving small surprises. They took delight in participating in Secret Friend activity as they surprised their new friends with nice and small attentions. It was a great day filled with lots of good will and unforgettable moments that will last for a long time from now!!

H&F team

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