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The Day of Beautifully Decorated Cottage of the camp!!!

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A new day in the summer camp arrived! The children were happy for being in the summer camp and ready for learning Bible truths, making new friendships and resting in a wonderful Christian atmosphere of the summer camp organized by Hope and Future foundation! The loving volunteers take care of the children who are busy whole the day with laughing, singing, talking, reading, performing, discussing, sharing, running and enjoying the leisure of summer time. The children fully enjoy the summer camp time!!!

In the morning the children attended the Bible lesson where they were presented the Bible story ‘Jesus and children’. Theatre is the best way and tool of teaching the children Bible truth as it is the easiest language that goes stright to their small hearts.‘This Bible story taught the childen that they are precious in Lord’s eyes. The Bible says that Jesus Christ called us His children. We all have to be like children having open and sincere hearts. The children listened to the Bible story with great pleasure and during the day put all their efforts to please Lord through all their deeds.’ – shared Rodica, one of Christian Input Coordinator in the summer camp. The children liked very much learning the following Bible verse ‘Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.’ Mark 10:14

Also, in the morning there was announced the name of the day. So, it was the Day of Beautifully Decorated Cottage of the camp!!! The children should decorate the cottage they lived in as beautifully as possible. They did a wonderful job, as they displayed great decorating skills mixed with ingenuity, beauty and creativity. ‘It was a great day! The children enjoyed decorating their cottage very much. They impressed us with their decorating ideas, ingeniousity and seriousity. They did a great job and we highly appreciate their masterpieces. Six teams out of 15 participating in this contest won and their cottages were the best!!!’ – expressed Silvia, one of the jury who appreciated the cottages.

The children actively participated during handicrafts activities where they made a heart on which they glued a small picture of Jesus and children. This small ‘masterpiece’ made by the children will remind them that Jesus loves them with an everlasting love.

It was a full day with group discussions, visiting the library, watching cartoons, playing games and having lots of fun! The volleyball championship was organised in the summer camp and the children showed great enthusiasm participating in it. The children of ‘Speranta’ (Hope) team won the volleyball championship. Congratulations to them!!!

The children actively participated in evening chapel program. There they performed and displayed acting skills. The talent and joy of participation was highly demonstrated by children in the end of the day. They went to bed happy and pleased for spending a nice and wonderful day in the camp!!!

One more day in the camp was finished! Thank you for your prayers! Please continue to pray for the children in summer camp!!

H&F team

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