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Supporters from Norway visited H&F in Moldova!!

Dear Friends,

Hope and Future foundation hosted a visit of its supporters from Norway, Mrs. Helen and Mr. Steinar. It was a great joy to have these generous and committed people among us during the period of 07th of June through 14th of June. Mrs. Helen and Mr. Steinar visited all the runnig projects of Hope and Future in Moldova. They met Mrs. Nina, Mayor of Pelinei village and Chiper family from the same village. Mrs. Sofia, the mother of Chiper family, highly appreciates their support and for being close to them in the most difficult moment of their lives.

‘I do not have enough words to thank these kindhearted people for giving us a chance to a new life. My children and I daily remember them as they offered us a shelter above our heads and hope to our hearts. Mrs. Helen and Mr. Steinar will always be in our hearts and prayers.’ – expressed Mrs. Sofia hardly finding the words to thank them.

Mrs. Nina also thanked these big-hearted people for their promptness and for changing the life of this hard-working family. ‘Without the involvement and input of these wonderful people in solving the case of this family, we at Local level would never have done this as they did. It is impressive what these people did for this family! They often come to my office when we discuss and they all the time remember what Mrs. Helen and Mr. Steinar did for them. They will always be in their hearts! It is for sure! Thank you!’ – shared Mrs. Nina, the mayor of Pelinei village.

Our Norwegian supporters also visited the Community Center in Colibasi where there are done final construction activities. All these activities involve some additional funds and that is why it could not be open this summer. We hope that with God’s help the last works will be done soon and the beneficiaries will enjoy the facilities of new building of Community Center. We will keep you informed about this! You can be the one who can support this project! Just contact us!

The highlighted project of Hope and Future foundation for this summer was the summer camp!! It was the most awaited project by children! Our Norwegian visitors, as partners of this project, attended for a couple of days the summer camp and ‘tasted’ from its cheerfulness. It was a special time for both children and Mrs. Helen and Mr. Steinar spending time together, singing, playing games, performing, learning Bible verses, sharing stories, worshiping and befriending with each other. ‘Thank you for wonderful days together! It was a fantastic experience… to be at the camp and see the happy faces …. and the leaders , being there for the children all time… We saw the happy children enjoying each moment of the summer camp. You all are in our hearts!’ – expressed Mrs. Helen and Mr. Steinar

H&F staff and volunteers highly appreciates the generousity, commitment and dedication for the minsitry of these precious Friends and Supporters of Moldovan beneficiaries. Thank you for visiting us Mrs. Helen and Mr. Steinar! Thank you for changing lives of Moldovan families and children! Thank you for having a heart for Moldova!! Without you we would not be able to bring smile on the faces of children and Hope into their small hearts!! We all love you!!

H&F team

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