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Supporters from Nederland visiting Moldova

Dear Friends and Visitors of our website,

We would like to let you know that in May month Hope and Future foundation in Moldova hosted our partners from Hope and Future Moldova│Nederland. It was a great honor for us to have Mr. Edwin, a Board member of H&F in Holland, and his father Mr. Chris as our guests in Moldova. We spent a fruitful time discussing, planning, sharing thoughts and visiting our beneficiaries. Our guest were involved in delivering grocery to poor families and lonely elderly; in delivering rubber boots we received with their support from GamCare Belgium to our beneficiaries, visiting various communities, meeting the Local Authorities and praying together with beneficiaries.

We would like to thank Edwin and father Chris for taking time and visiting Moldova. We pray for a strong and fruitful partnership that will bring a Hope for a better Future to our beneficiaries’ lives!

H&F team

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