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Sewing Workshop – a tremendous help for poor families

Hope and Future foundation supports the activity of Sewing Workshop project that is running with Community Center in Crihana Veche village. Daily Community Center (COM) in Crihana Veche is busy by serving the poor people in the area. COM is always opened for people who need support and encouragement. Sewing Workshop is one of the important projects at the COM and it plays a significant role in the lives of poor and needy people in the area. Its services are for free and the ladies from Sewing Workshop serve the people with great pleasure. The beneficiaries are warmly welcomed at COM. The friendly atmosphere from there makes them to open their hearts and have nice and encouraging discussions with COM workers. It is important to see how the activity of this workshop has a good impact on the lives of people in need and offer them emotional, spiritual and material support.

Bogos family is one of the poverty-stricken families in the community. Mrs. Nadejda is a kind and responsible mother. Her husband deceased and she is the only source of income for her family. Mrs. Nadejda is working hard to support her two daughters and her grandchild. While she works as a Social Worker in the area, her family still needs to be supported. The mother cannot meet the ends with her small salary and the family always faces daily needs and difficulties. ‘We are grateful to people from Community Center for their kindness and openness towards poor families in the Community. All the time when we face big problems we run to the Community Center and we know that there we will find the necessary support and words of encouragement. We pass through hard times in our lives. I am single mother and do my best to be a good support for my daughters. One of my daughters is a student and believe me it is very difficult for me to support her while I am paid a very miserable salary. I cannot offer them better living conditions and I am so unhappy of this. I am thankful that they understand the situation and do not blame me. Food, clothes and linen are always needed and always missing. We received new bed linen from Community Center and we are very happy. We would like to thank all the people from Community Center for their friendly attitude, for their glad to help hands and kind words of encouragement. I cannot imagine how we would cope with all our daily difficulties without their support and care. May all the supporters of this Community Center be rewarded for having a heart for us!’ – expressed Mrs. Nadejda.

Mrs. Valentina Brasoveanu is the tailor of Sewing Workshop. She has a heart for the needy and poor people in the area. Mrs. Valentina always encourages people who come to Community Center. She does her job with great pleasure and open heart. ‘It is a privilege for me to work in partnership with Hope and Future Foundation for the sake of needy people in our area. I daily meet people impoverished by their life burdens, but I always encourage them to rely on God and our Lord Jesus Christ. It is important to be close to them in their distress and in this way they will see and meet our Lord. People come to our workshop to fix their clothes problems and when they leave us they have their clothes fixed and their hearts encouraged. I am happy that I can be useful in someone’s life. We also make bed linen and distribute it to poor families, single elderly and people who need it. Unfortunately we do not manage to cover all of them as we also need fabrics and many other tailoring raw material and stuff. We would like to do more for people in the area and bring a ray of hope in their lives. In this way they will feel they are not alone in fighting with their problems. Now we are preparing and making bed linen that will be delivered to needy people in the area. I am sure they will be happy receiving it!’ – expressed Mrs. Valentina.

Hope and Future foundation (H&F) stays close to the needy people in their distress and always seeks through all its projects to offer them the necessary emotional and material support. In these difficult times for our country, when the low paid labor and lack of jobs increase the number of poor people and make their lives harder, H&F brings hope to the hearts of people in need. The desire to be helpful of H&F staff and volunteers is big, but in the same time the needs of destitute people are bigger. ‘We see that Sewing Workshop has a positive impact on the needy people’s lives. We are happy when we are helpful to them and they go home satisfied of being nicely served. Unfortunately, the Sewing Workshop has limited raw materials. We need more fabrics so we can make more clothes and bed linen for the poor families, elderly and socially-vulnerable children. We would like be more useful to people in need from the area. If you want to support us in a way and put your shoulder in improving the lives of poor people, we will be more than happy to have you our partners in the ministry of Hope and Future foundation.’ – expressed Mr. Tudor Maracineanu, Coordinator of Community Center.

If you want to be a part of this wonderful ministry and be helpful in someone’s life, do not hesitate to contact us on office@hopeandfuture.org and we will answer all your questions pleasantly. Thank you for your big heart and generosity! May you be rewarded richly!

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