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Providing Winter Clothing for a poor family

Bostan’s is a large and poor family. The mother Elena puts all her efforts to take care of her 4 children. The father of the family left them. The family lives in a rented house. There they share poor living conditions. All five family members are squeezed in one bed room. The food is prepared by fire woods. Maria, the oldest child of the family, studies in 9th grades. Ana enjoys her studies in 7th grades. Lidia goes in her 4th grades. They like attending school. Sandu is the youngest child of the family. He is a cute, smart and energic boy. In spite of being so active, he has physical problems. He cannot walk by himself and attends a special rehabilitation Center. Recently he attended the winter holidays at rehabilitation center where he told a poem.

The mother is unemployed, but she does occasional jobs in order to offer a good care and education to her children. Being hit by the low-income, the mother is struggling meet their basic needs. The children of this family have been found without proper winter clothing. The mother hardly could offer the most necessary living items and was not in a position to purchase winter coats and shoes. This means the children were cold while going to and back from school and in other winter conditions. ‘It is very difficult for me to cope with all our daily needs. I work hardly from early morning till late in the night, but I cannot make ends meet….’ –shared Mrs. Elena, the mother of Bostan family sighing.

In December month, generous visitors met Bostan family. They were deeply touched by the poor living conditions of the family. They brought the children of Bostan family winter coats. The joy of the girls was big enough. ‘Wow! It is a nice winter coat. I lacked this winter warm clothing, but now I have one! And it is warm!’ – shouted Ana joyfully. From that moment of receiving the warm cots, the girls of Bostan family have not departed from their winter clothing. They daily put them on and remember about their heroes who offered them the warm clothing when they needed it most. These coats not only bring warmth and joy to impoverished children, they also help them improve their emotional estate.

We would like to thank our partners from Germany whose support brought joy and help relieved the burden of poverty and brought happiness and warmth to children in need.

We invite you to become our partner, a hero in the life of a needy family and help us to ensure that all children feel warm, healthy and valued. If you have decided to partner with us and want to make a difference in the life of a child, please contact us on office@hopeandfuture.org. We will do our best to give you all the details.

Looking forward to partnering with you!

H&F team

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