Providing for the Children in need

Thousands of children from Moldova remain to be unschooled or they abandon the school every year
on the background of the certain financial support that would allow them to have the school supplies
and other items necessary for attending school. In the times when the prices get up day by day, it is
very difficult for the poor families to provide their children all the necessary clothing, shoes and other
providing for the children in needsupport that will help them to develop harmoniously. The young children also require lots of expenses
for their care and eductation.

Hope and Future Foundation implements the Providing for the children
in need Project through which intends to help with school supplies, clothing and shoes the socially-vulnerable and sad children because of their destiny and the diverse lacks they endure. For carrying
out this project we need to unite our efforts and in strong unity to offer Hope to these children who
have the Future forward and for which they need to prepare themselves educationally, emotionally
and spiritually. There are children that deserve help but who are not able to ask for help because
of the poverty they grew in and which made them become modest and powerless.