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Providing compassionate care to elderly in Colibasi village

Hope and Future Foundation serve the needy people in the Southern area of Moldova. Serving others is one of the most valuable qualities of a Christian-like way of living. The effects of serving others are that the people in need feel the love, care and warmth of those who serve them. Therefore, the team of H&F foundation delivered 115 bags with basic food items to elderly and poor families in the area.

Crossing Colibasi village there may be noticed small cottages with old fashioned gates which sometimes are broken because of rain and time. If entering into such a cottage, a person with low voice and a peaceful face may greet you. Old people live lonely and forgotten in tiny, dreary rooms with old photographs hanging on walls which remind them of a past when they were much-loved persons around whom a busy family revolved. Memories seem to be very important to them as they give them comfort and reassurance once the indignities of old ages have brought about them a decline in their health condition, eye sight and faculties. It is important for them to know that they are needed as they are and that someone stays close to them, think about them and pray for them.

‘Thank you for taking time to come and visit me. Your visit brings hope to my heart. I am old and sick and nobody needs me. I hardly walk as I have great pains in my feet. It is very difficult when you whole day look to the gates and think ‘Maybe today someone will open my gate and come to visit me….’ I am lonely and have no support from anyone. Thank you for the food items you have brought to me. They are very helpful to me as I cannot walk and I am not able to go shopping. Thank you for thinking about me in these very hard times for me.’ – expressed Mr. Vasile through tears.

‘Your visit is a nice surprise for me. Being lonely, I am longing for someone to open my door and visit me. Very few people open the gate of my yard and come to visit me. I am 70 years old and walk with difficulties. I have been suffering from polyarthritis for 20 years. The disease is worsening from year to year and as a result I walk hardly. I even find difficult to go to bed because of great pains I have. My hands are useless already as the joints of my fingers have become inflamed. Thank you for your visit and encouraging words. Thank you for bringing me the food items. They are so helpful to me. God sent you to my house. He heard my prayers that I live in dire poverty and I need help from someone. Thank you for thinking about me.’ – expressed Mrs. Elena.

Nicu Rosca, the COM Coordinator of H&F foundation was fascinated of the spirit Mrs. Elena had. ‘I liked very much talking with this old lady. She has a positive spirit in spite of all problems she faces daily and the sickness she suffers from. At one moment of our discussion she said that her feet do not want to obey and serve her as they did before. Kidding she said that probably they require a coffin, but she told them (to her feet) that they will leave this earth when the Father says, not when they want. She has faith in her heart and only this helped her to survive through all the challenges of her life. It is a good example of living faith.’ – expressed Nicu.

‘My name is Lilia. I am a widow and bring up my two sons by myself. It is very hard to be mom and dad in the same time. The biggest challenge is that I do not have a job, but the children need to be fed and cared. I work occasionally when farmers need my services in the field or greenhouse. Otherwise it is very difficult to provide my children with the necessary items. A day before I thought where to take money from to buy some food items, as they are finished. And today I have you in my house with this bag with food items. I am very grateful to Hope and Future foundation for this wonderful gift. At this moment you are the safe boat for my family. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so kind towards my family!’ – expressed Mrs. Lilia.

We would like to join to the gratitude of H&F foundation’s beneficiaries and express heartfelt words of gratitude for the support you offered to these people in need in form of food supplies. Thank you for your contribution to improving their emotional and material support.

If you have been touched by the story of one of these needy people and would like to become part of the ministry of Hope and Future foundation, do not hesitate to contact us on office@hopeandfuture.org We will put you in contact with respective people and will give you more details if required.

Thank you for taking time to visit us on our website.

H&F MD team

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