Although many of us face financial hardships, we are happy that still there are committed people who want to help the needy ones. We are grateful to everybody who stays close to us, offers the necessary support and takes part in implementing the projects that aim to offer the right assistance to these needy beneficiaries.

In order to help the beneficiaries to overcome the poverty they are pressed under, we consider very valuable the following projects which, being implemented can help the beneficiaries to make important step in their lives.

The proposed projects have as overall objectives to assist and support socially-vulnerable groups in their life difficulties. Moldova has many assets upon which to rebuild its country, but they are not able to do this alone. Moldovans are hard working people who have a strong desire to succeed. Hope and Future Foundation aims to contribute to their welfare by building brick by brick a strong foundation for a future full of hope. Also the Foundation aspires to improve the quality of their lives and bring smile on the sad faces of needy people and joy to their hearts. We are aware that alone we would never be able to change their lives into better and make a difference in their lives. Thank you for reading these lines… thank you for opening your hearts towards vulnerable groups from Moldova… thank you for your input and contribution for brining Hope in their discouraged and burdened hearts. May God reward you generously! Be blessed you and your home!

Farther (on the right side) there are listed and described the projects we consider important and helpful for the beneficiaries in their struggles with the life lacks and difficulties: