Proverbs 19:17 ‘Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will reward them for what they have done’

Our partners are big hearted people that support the Foundation’s work and projects in achieving its goal and the objectives of the projects that are implemented for the people in need, for helping them, rise them and encourage regard with Hope and trust into the Future.

Hope and Future Foundation has devoted sponsors that help us in organizing each of the main events and projects we implement. These are special people with great heart who want be beside the beneficiaries and offer them a decent life and a better Future!

helen and steinar

Helen and Steinar Vaagenes, Norway

‘We are proud of to be a part of the foundation Hope and Future, and to cooperate with John Groza.To bring hope and a better future in hearts and homes in Moldova is fantastic. From 2002 we have visited
Moldova almost every year, and our hearts have grown together with a lot of people in need for help.
Together with John we have not only seen the problems, but the best way for helping too. In many cases people first of all need help to survive, but most of all they need help to build up a new life with hope for the future by helping themselves…

To buy animals and seeds, and give people a chance to help their own families and each other by working, is a way we find important. Hope and Future’s work is based on respect and love for the people. The members who work in Moldova know the land, the people and the culture, and can from time to time see where help is most needed. For us, leading the foundation in Norway, it is important to be sure that the money goes to the beneficiaries, not to a big administration outside Moldova.

We have worked together with John Groza for many years, and we trust him and respect his work. Building the Community Center in CrihanaVeche, shows that nothing is impossible if we work together for the same purpose. Now we look forward to stand side by side in the same foundation. We already know that a lot of people in Norway will be sponsors for Hope and Future. We have seen the results of the work. Meeting people with shining eyes, and souls filled with hope for the future, fill us with happiness. We hope you will be a part of this. The Moldovian people need us!’


cecilie fredriksen

Cecilie Fredriksen, Norway

Cecilie Fredriksen, nine years old,
wanted to help poor children who needed help.
Together with her grandmother she arranged a lottery.
In three weeks she collected 2000 Euros.




mr hugo kusters

Mr. Hugo Kusters and GamCare Belgium

On behalf of Hope and Future beneficiaries, volunteers and staff, I would like to thank Gam Care, Belgium in person of Mr. Hugo Kusters for accepting to be our partner in the ministry we do in Republic of Moldova. Our commitment of offering the necessary support to people in need in the times of distress united us and we are happy to have him as our partner in bringing hope into the lives of poor people in Moldova. It is important to show them kindness and care and that they are not alone face to face with their daily life difficulties and problems. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,
Mr. Hugo, for the generosity and noble heart you have towards socially-vulnerable children, impoverished families and lonely elderly.