A little help is a great future!

Operation Christmas Blessing Project meets big needs of 132 disabled and elderly people!


Moldova passes through a difficult time currently. The political, economical and social instability brought social strata to desperation. The most affected and vulnerable societal groups are poor families, socially-vulnerable children, lonely elderly and disabled people. Therefore, on Christmas holidays (old style, 7th of January) the volunteers of Hope and Future (H&F) foundation spent a day with 132 lonely elderly and disabled people who were gathered at a church in Cahul town.

Operation Christmas Blessing Project of H&F brought by one food parcel for each of them. It was a time of sharing love and care towards these people. Meeting and visiting was a great source of satisfaction and enjoyment for H&F volunteers as well as the people coming there. Because of the icy roads, many of them confessed that they contemplated not coming but finally were glad they did.

‘Thank you for this food parcel. The food items are very expensive and I hardly manage to cope with the situation in winter time. My pension is low and I do not manage to pay for heating, medicines and food. Right now my kitchen cupboard is empty. I feel God has my situation in control. It is a miracle. Yesterday I did not have any food item and look today I have a parcel! Thank you! God bless you!!’ – shared Mrs. Olga an elderly person.

‘Without your visit to us I would not have received a Christmas gift this year. My family lives far away and I don’t see them very often. You made this Christmas a special one. It feels good to know someone cares. Thank you for sharing this food parcel with me! It is a blessing for me on this Christmas holidays!! You made my day!’ – shared Mr. Nicolae a retired old person.

‘Thank you for thinking about us on these Christmas. Thank you for giving us this food parcel. It is very difficult for us to get through life difficulties of nowadays. I do not have a job. My husband is impaired person and his disability pension is nothing comparing to the high prices for public services and food. It is very difficult to us…. very difficult.’ – expressed Mr. Nadejda through tears.

Thanks to the support of H&F donors offered to OCB Project, hope and faith are beginning to take roots in the hearts of aged and disabled people. If you care and want to make a difference in the life of one of these, contact us and we will do our best to deliver you the necessary information.


H&F team



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