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Operation Christmas Blessing in full swing!

Operation Christmas Blessing is a new project within Hope and Future foundation. It consists of preparing food parcels that will reach people in need on Christmas Eve. This project has come into being because of the struggles the poor families faced with before Christmas. Many of these needy families approached H&F team asking for food items, especially before these holidays. They asked for the most basic food items in order to be able to prepare something for their families on these wonderful holidays.

This year, with God’s help, sincere and deep faith of our leadership team and generous support of our supporters from abroad we moved through faith with this project and managed to pack 2000 parcels with food items!! One parcel weighs 12 kg and contains the basic food items like cooking oil, corn flour, wheat flour, pasta, buckwheat, pea, sweets, margarine, wheat cereals, etc.

The H&F volunteers hastened to land a helping hand in packing the food items in parcels. Working all together in a wonderful and friendly atmosphere, these Operation Christmas Blessing parcels have been packed with lots of love and care. So, a part of their heart has been packed lovingly in the OCB parcel!

‘It is a great project! Donating food parcels to people in need is a great way of helping out the community and can make a huge difference to an individual or a family. We would like to thank again our generous supporters who worked shoulder to shoulder with us in order to achieve this great project and for standing with poor families in the south of Moldova in their distress. We also worked hard packing the food items, so we could be in time with parcels on Christmas! We all are astonished of the wonderful way God worked in this project!!’ – expressed Mrs. Valentina, an active volunteer of H&F.

Words are not enough to express the beauty and effectiveness of Operation Christmas Blessing project. We are looking forward to delivering and distributing these food parcels to people in need and share with them the true meaning of Christmas!!

H&F team

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