A little help is a great future!

Operation Christmas Blessing in full swing!!

Dear Supporters and Friends,

Christmas is the time of giving and forgiving. Christmas means spending time with family and have great time with them. This holiday is a big struggle for poor families as they do not have the basic food items in order to prepare a Christmas dinner for their families. Hope and Future in Moldova is close to such families through Operation Christmas Blessing Project. Due to our generous supporters, on the upcoming Christmas holidays, a number of 1000 poor families will benefit from parcels filled with most useful food items like flour, rice, sugar, semolina, oil, pasta, cereals, sweets, tea, etc.

‘We are grateful to our partners and supporters who made this project possible this year. The food parcels are very helpful and useful to poor families in our area. The food parcels arrived on time as e had lots of requests from needy families and lonely old people. The food items will help the housewives to prepare a good Christmas meal for their families. May God bless and reward you generously.’ – shared Mr. Tudor, the administrator of Community Center in Crihana Veche village.

Operation Christmas Blessing Project is a true blessing for many families who are experiencing undue hardships in these hard times for our country. Thank you for your faithful partnership which bring Hope for a better future in the lives of many needy families!

If you want to be part of this wonderful project contact us, and we will do our best to give you necessary information.


H&F team


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