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One more truck with gifts-in-kind reached H&F in Moldova!

Dear Friends, Supporters and Visitors of our web-site,

In the end of February month, our friends from Stichting Hope and Future Moldova Nederland in partnership with HRIF managed to organize a truck filled with high quality gifts-in-kind goods. The truck arrived to Moldova safely and the goods were stored.

Hope and Future staff expresses sincere words of gratitude to Stichting Hope and Future Moldova Nederland and HRIF for making this transport possible. The goods are of high quality, helpful and useful in the household of needy families in Moldova!

‘The gifts-in-kind goods are always welcomed as they are useful to needy families and children in our area. The new sport hoes are highly appreciated by socially-vulnerable children. Many of them asked for shoes before and we did not have any. God is great! He knows our needs and He provides. Praise Lord! The mattresses are really good and they will make the sleep of poor families sweeter. On behalf of all H&F beneficiaries I would like to thank all people who donated us all these goods, who supported the transport and made it possible. The goods will make their lives easier for sure! May God bless and reward you richly!’ – shared Mr. Tudor, the Administrator of COM in Crihana Veche village.

In the following weeks we will distribute the goods to needy families in the community and in neighborhood. In these times of hardships, the goods will help the families to improve their living. Once again we want to thank our friends and partners for all the gifts-in-kind goods. May God bless and reward you richly!!

If you want to be a part of this great ministry and be important in a child’s life, contact us for more details.

H&F team

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