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Music School ‘Mette Haga Hjelmeland’

Dear Friends, Supporters and Visitors of our web-site,

We joyfully want to share with you that currently, Hope and Future in Moldova started a new, great project at Community Center in Crihana Veche. Therefore, starting with February month Music School opened its doors for all children in Community. The school will hold the name of a big-hearted lady whose music brought joy into the hearts of many children. Her name was Mette Haga Hjelmeland. Even if she is not anymore among us, she still lives through these children who attend the music classes. Her name is printed in their hearts.

A number of 30 children, aged between 7 and 15 years old, are taught playing accordion, piano, violin and guitar Four teacher united their efforts and teach the children playing music instruments. The lessons are offered fro free. The children come having the desire to study, have fun and improve their knowledge.

Children come from various backgrounds. Even so, music breaks out the social shell. The majority come from socially-vulnerable families who struggle with lacks and daily problems. The children are talented and determined to learn playing instruments. We pray for each child and hope one day we will be able to play in a nice orchestra.

‘I like attending accordion classes. I like playing accordion. It is so interesting. Thank you for starting such a project at COM.’ – shared Ana, a pupil of accordion class.

‘I like singing. I want to know playing violin. It is not easy, but I work hard to learn playing violin. I come daily and exersice here at COM. Thank you for offering us such an opportunity.’ – expressed Emma, a pupil of violin class.

‘It is very interesting playing piano. I like it very much. I want to study it, that it is why I am here. My mom does not have the possibility to pay for a music school, but here we are offered it for free. Thank you for giving me such a great chance to study piano!’ – shared Alexandru, a piano class student.

We would like to heartily thank our supporters from Norway, Mr. Steinar and Mrs. Helen as well as Mr. Ove for their dedication in supporting this project and for giving these children a chance to study what they like and follow their dreams. May God bless and reward them richly! We are sure that the investment in children always brings good fruits and changed lives. We believe that the world will become better, because once we were important in children’s lives. Contact us for more details, if you are interested to be a part of this ministry.

H&F team

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