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Music classes help children to break out their social shell!!!

Community Center in Crihana Veche runs a variety of projects that are designed to make easier the impoverished lives and bring comfort to the hearts of needy and destitute people in the village. The target groups are socially-vulnerable children, poor families and lonely elderly people. Community Center has become the second home for many beneficiaries.

Hope and Future Moldova Foundation supports all the workshops carried out within the Community Center. The children come with great pleasure to Community Center where they find a friendly atmosphere, people always willing to help them and various workshops to attend. The workshops are intended to help the socially-vulnerable children to develop and enhance life skills that will be useful in their future. The children are treated carefully and lovingly, are listened to their daily problems and are responded to their needs. Nothing can be greater than seeing the children happy and content.

Music is the universal language. It is the reason of carrying on a Music Workshop within Community Center in Crihana Veche. Regardless of their background, music is the key element that connects everyone attending the workshop. Therefore, Music Workshop is attended by 20 children and runs three times a week. The children are taught to play mandolin, violin and guitar. This activity provides many benefits to children. Music helps the children to relax and forget their daily problems, but working hard on learning to play the instrument helps them to become more confident. The lessons are offered for free. This workshop offers a possibility to socially-vulnerable children to develop their talents, makes them understand they are as other children and they are important to society even if they come from a family with a difficult background.

‘I like attending the Music Workshop. I am impatiently waiting for each lesson. I feel how my technique of playing mandolin improves from lesson to lesson. I like when we perform during Church service. It is so exciting. I want this workshop to continue its activity as I see how children like playing instruments. Unfortunately, we have to share the instruments with others, as we do not have enough of them. Even though, we patiently wait our turn. It would be better to have each of us by one instrument. We are grateful to Mrs. Liuba for her patience in teaching us!’ – expressed Cristina.

‘It is a big joy for me when I attend the music classes. I like playing violin. Attending these classes, I have learnt that I have to be more patient when waiting others to play their score. I have become more responsible, punctual and disciplined. Thank you for offering me the possibility to study an instrument. My family cannot afford to pay the Art School. Here I have befriended with many other children and learned to play violin.’ – told Mirela.

Mrs. Liuba Maracineanu, the music teacher, is very patient and teaches her students with great love. Her commitment to music and child care gives her courage and strength to work with what they have. ‘At the moment, our workshop is attended by 20 children. They choose by themselves on the instrument they want to play at. The children play the instruments we have at the Center. They come from poor families who hardly manage to face their daily needs. We have some instruments at Center, but they are in a small number in comparison with the number of children who want to learn playing an instrument. We need more mandolins and violins. That it is why they play in turns when we have orchestra time. Sometimes, it is difficult for me to share the instruments between them when we have to perform. It is difficult to look at them and point out who will play this time and who will look as all of them worked hard to learn the score.’ – shared Mrs. Liuba about the big need of Music Workshop.

‘I see a tremendous value in the activity of Music Workshop. The doors are open for everybody who wants to learn playing one of these instruments. This workshop has a positive impact on the lives of socially-vulnerable children in the community. Acquiring an instrument help the children to break out of their social shell. Attending the music and orchestra classes the children befriend with each other and learn useful life skills as how to relate to others, how to work as a team, how to appreciate the rewards that come from working together and of course the sense of discipline is developed. We are happy that we can offer to children from needy families a field where they have the possibility to develop themselves and understand that they are not alone and encourage them that only working hard they can climb the mountain of success. We know that investing in a child’s life today is a guaranteed return on investment tomorrow!’ – expressed Mr. Pavel Groza, Hope and Future Moldova Coordinator.

The need of more instruments is significantly felt during orchestra classes. If you want to become involved in a child’s life do it right now! Help them to break out of their social shell and become confident! Your support and help will change a life for sure! Buy a mandolin and a violin and make a child happy during music classes and you will be for a long time in his/her heart! If you want to support this workshop contact us on office@hopeandfuture.org for more details.

Thank you for your kind thoughts and generous deeds! May God bless you!!

Hope and Future Moldova Foundation staff

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