Mini farms towards families’ self-sufficiency

Republic of Moldova is an agricultural country. It enjoys a favorable climate and good farmland. Agriculture, including farming, forestry, fisheries and livestock, is the main source of income for people living in rural areas.

Family poultry/livestock production are considered essential means of poverty eradication, self-employment and nutrition for the poor families in rural areas. Therefore, Hope and Future Foundation aims to supportpoor families having poultry/livestock in their households that will help them to provide for their families and in this way to eradicate the poverty.

mini farms towards familiesThe peasants mostly breed sheep, goats, pigs and cows. The goats, sheep and cows are milked to provide milk and cheese for the family. Also, the milk is used to make cheese that is either consumed by the family or sold in the open market. The sheep wool is used for knitting warm socks and clothes for the family members. The pigs also are widely breed and some of the piglets are sold, while others are raised to maturity and the pork meat is used for family’s consumption or for sale. Horses and wagons also are common for village life and they are mostly used for transporting harvested crops from the land to farmers’ yards.

Besides livestock, the farmers grow poultry like, chicken, geese, ducks and turkeys. The families use fresh eggs and poultry meat for their consumption as well as for selling.

Staying close to poor families in rural areas and supporting them having and developing mini poultry/livestock farms will be a wonderful legacy for the families and a long term sustainable support. In this way we give them the fishing rope for fishing by themselves towards self-sufficiency.