A little help is a great future!

Milev family being offered a new chance for a better life!

Milevs is a large poor family living in Colibasi village. The parents of this family struggled hard to make their ends meet and offer at least the most necessary items to their 5 children. Sometimes it makes no sense to struggle against poverty without any support from anywhere. The daily lacks and needs of their family pushed Mrs. Viorica, the mother, to leave the family for abroad to find any job. In the absence of the mother, Mr. Ion tries to be mother and father for his children. The family shares very poor living conditions. There is no beds in their small two roomed house. One room is used for a dormitory and all family members share it, while the other one is used as kitchen, dinning room and bathroom. There is no bed in the house, they sleep on the floor. The cupboard in the kitchen is empty… no food…

‘What are you doing here?’ – asked Nicu Rosca, the Hope and Future Coordinator, the daughters of Milev family who were sitting on the porch of their house. ‘We are eating cucumbers…’ – answered Magdalena, the oldest out of daughters, while taking delight in crunching the stale yellow cucumber she hold in her hand. ‘What meals have you had today?’ – followed Nicu with another question. ‘Nothing…’ – came the reply of Magdalena who continued to enjoy the cucumber. Nothing… because they did not have any food supply for preparing the meals. Nicu provided them with the necessary food items shortly.

It is important to answer to the needs of poor and needy families when they are in their time of distress. In this way we reveal God’s love and care towards them. ‘Uncle Nicu, why people attending the Baptist Chruch in our village are so kind with us?’ – asked Magdalena full of curiosity. ‘Because, God is good and He teaches us through His Word – Bible – to be like Him and love our neighbors.’ – answered Nicu. The Milev sisters asked for Children’s Bibles. They were offered Bibles with great pleasure. With bare feet, but happy because they received Bibles that will be theirs. ‘We will read it daily…’ – said Zina with a big smile on her face looking lovingly to the Bible she hold in her hands.

Thanks to the generous supporters of Stichting Hope and Future Moldova Nederland the house of Milev family was renovated and the weak walls of it were reinforced. In a short time the demolishing cottage of Milev family turned into a lovely house. ‘We like it so much! It looks like a small house from fairy tales.’ –expressed Lacramioara. ‘It is our house! It is incredible! Look how it looks like! It is so nice, isn’t it?’ – shouted Magdalena. ‘It is true, it is not a dream!’ – said Zina. ‘On behalf of our family, we would like to heartily thank the people in Holland who supported my family so generously. Thank you for caring for my family. Thank you for offering our children a new chance for a better life for them. Without your tremendous support, it would not be possible for my family to improve the living conditions of my children and probably we would lose the house at all as it was about to pull down. May God reward you generously for this huge support offered to our family! I cannot imagine how we would handle without you… you gave us the second breath… Thank you very much!’ – expressed Mr. Ion.

Nothing is more touching than seeing with your own eyes changed lives and smiles on faces. On behalf of Hope and Future Moldova team, we would like to express sincere words of gratitudes to the generous supporters of this family for offering them a Hope for a Better Future.

‘Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will reward them for what they have done.’ (Proverbs 19:17 NIV)

Unfortunately there are hundreds of such families who have been touched by poverty and face big needs. Milev family can be considered blessed and lucky as they have been supported in a wonderful way! If you want to offer a new chance to a poor family in southern area of Moldova, if you want to make a difference in a needy and socially – vulnerable family, please contact us and we will do our best to give you all the details.

Thank you for your thoughts, prayers and support!
H&F team

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