Medical Support

Hope and Future Foundation works with local communities in Moldova to provide relief to the most socially-vulnerable groups. It aims to provide community-based social and healthcare services to poor families, children and elderly. The individuals of these groups are prone to becoming socially isolated, especially if their health is feeble and they have no chance and source to struggle with their diseases.

When living in poverty, paying for essential medical services can become impossible, thus putting lives at risk. The daily lacks also place a high financial burden on poor and needy families who are already under pressure to simply put food on the table, provide their children with all necessary items or pay expensive heating bills during a freezing cold winter and other public services.

Medical Support Project provides the necessary assistance to people in need and offering them a ray of Hope for a better day. Hope and Future Foundation offers support mostly to people living in rural area and provides them with food, medical assistance, winter relief such as warm clothing and shoes, bed linen, warm blankets, heating and homecare for the most risky groups.