A little help is a great future!

Little gifts from H&F meet big needs of Chiper family

In one of our previous materials, you have met Chiper family from Pelinei village. The hard life of this family and the difficult problems they faced with touched the hearts of Norwegian people who decided to support this family with a house. We are happy to let you know that Mrs. Sofia and her three wonderful children have moved to their own house. Of course, there are lots of other needs they have to cover, but one of the major problems of their lives is solved.

‘On behalf of Townhall Administration and Chiper family, we would like to bring sincere words of gratitude to big-hearted Norwegian people for the generous support. Mrs. Sonia is so happy and she always shares with me that God exceeded all her expectations. The children are diligent students at school even if they come from a poor family. They are an example for many peers of theirs. The mother is very loving and careful to her children. We do not have enough words to thank H&F team and the supporters from Norway for making happy a poor family in the village I manage. Thank you for many other items you brought to other destitute families in this village. May God reward you for your kindness and for being so careful towards needy people in our village!’– expressed Mrs. Nina, the mayor of Pelinei village.

This family benefited from many useful items provided by H&F foundation. Lately they received a nice and comfortable bed from IKEA Company. H&F team visited the family and provided them with this very useful furniture. Aladin is the beneficiary of it as he used to sleep on a mattress laid on the floor. ‘Thank you for this comfortable bed. My sleep will be sweeter from now as I have a new nice bed. Thank you for thinking about us!’ – said Aladin.

We would like to thank our partners from Hope and Future Moldova│Nederland and Mr. Hugo Klusters who organized transport with high quality items that improve the living conditions of poor families in Moldova. Thank you for the heart you have for Moldova! May God bless our partners generously!!!

H&F team

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