A little help is a great future!

Legacy of Learning

Hope and Future Moldova Foundation seek to support the studies of young people who come from needy families. The slogan of Hope and Future Moldova Foundation sounds as follows: ‘Investing in a child’s life today has a guaranteed return on investment tomorrow!’ And we believe in it. Nothing is more critical to the success of our entire community, country and society than helping our young people become self-reliant adults.

Viorica Zgircibaba is the first student supported by Hope and Future Moldova Foundation. Viorica is a young girl of 16 years old. She comes from a large, socially-vulnerable family living in Crihana Veche village. Viorica is the 4th child out of 5 siblings in her family. Her family shares very poor living conditions at home. She lacked many things in her childhood, but she managed to find enough strength in herself and be content for these very precarious times for her and her family. It was possible only because she offered her heart to Jesus. ‘I am very happy to be part of great family of our Lord Jesus Christ. Here I find peace for my soul and courage to move on in these hard times for my family.’ – shared Viorica.

Viorica remembers about her sad childhood with tears in her eyes. ‘I remember my childhood with lot of sadness in my heart. I remember that we lacked so many useful items like cloths and shoes. We used the clothes and shoes from each other. Sometimes these items were worn out and our classmates mocked me. It was awful for me that I could not be as others.’ – said Viorica sadly

As all young people, Viorica has a dream for her future. She studies for a seamstress. She is a hard working student and dreams to become good tailor. ‘I would like to become a good tailor and come to the Community Center from Crihana Veche village and sew clothes for poor children in the community. I know how difficult it is for them, because I experienced lacks in my childhood and want to be helpful for other socially-vulnerable children in the community.’ – shared Viorica.

Hope and Future Moldova Foundation want to help the young people envision a better future. Offering them the necessary support, we can give them the tools they need to build it.

There are many other young people like Viorica in the area. They also need support for continuing their studies. Having limited resources Hope and Future Moldova Foundation is not able to support all of them.

You can become a life changer right now. Your support offered for education is more than a gift, it is an investment. Remember, the future of these children is the future of ours. With your help, they will thrive! If you want to find out more details about how to help, please contact us on office@hopeandfuture.org !

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