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Kindness in Action!!!

Last weeks Moldova was hit by abundant snow, snow storms and low temperatures from -17 to -24 degrees. In these harsh winter conditions many people in the country were brought to hospital with frostbite while others with fractured hands and legs because of icy roads. There were set out tents in Chisinau where people, especially homeless people, were offered hot tea and a place to get warmed.

The situation in villages also is very critical. After the abundant snow and snow storm, many villages in the southern area remained without electricity for several days. Many old and lonely people were imprisoned by snow in their own houses. Same situation happened with some families of old lonely people from Crihana Veche village. The volunteers of Hope and Future Moldova Foundation (H&F MD) rescued them by getting to their houses, cleaning the yards from snow and bringing them the necessary food items. This activity was called ‘Kindness in Action’ and the young people showed it with great pleasure and compassion. The visit of H&F MD volunteers was a big surprise for all families. In spite of the fact that outside was -10 -12 degrees, the volunteers worked hard and were happy to know that they are helpful to needy people in the village

‘It is a big surprise seeing you here! Thank you for visiting us in this very difficult time for us. The winter is nice, but it brought lots of problems. The snow storm from last days brought lots of snow in our yard. It is good that we managed to store some fire woods inside the home; otherwise we do not know how we could warm our home. I am 62 years old and very sick. My husband walks with difficulty. Our children do not visit us as they have their own families. Nobody from the village comes to see us, but you are so kind with us… Thank you for the food items you brought us. Our food provisions are about to finish and I will not be able to go to shop on these snowed up roads. Your gift is highly welcomed! Thank you for helping us with cleaning the yard and cleaning the home. We could not do it by ourselves. May God bless you and reward you for everything you did for us!!!’ – shared Mrs. Parascovia Popov, an old lady from Crihana Veche village.

‘What a surprise! You came to visit me even if outside everything is snowed up and it is frosty. It is so nice to see you as the snow storm brought lots of snow here on the hill. How could you get to my house? I know you are young and courageous and nothing can stay in front of you. I am 74 years old and lonely. Nobody came to visit me during these hard days of winter. You did it and I am happy to see you. Thank you for helping me to clean the yard from snow. Now I will be able to go to the gate as it was snowed up. I am so grateful to you for visiting me. You made my day today! Thank you for food items. As if you knew what I needed! What a surprise!!!!’ – expressed Mrs. Valentina excitedly.

‘It is incredible to see people in my yard. You are first people who opened our gates after the snow storm and low temperatures from last nights. I looked through the window and could not believe what I see with my own eyes. You are so kind with us. Thank you for remembering about us. It is so encouraging to know that there are people who think about us and care about us. Thank you for the help you offered to us by cleaning our yard from snow and making paths in the yard. At our old ages of 82 and 80 we would not be able to do such a big job as you did. We should stay inside the home till the snow would melt down. You are brave and big-hearted young people. May other young people from the village take your example and help old and lonely people as we are. I know God will reward all your efforts. Thank you so much for visiting us and feeling with us.’– said Mrs. Maria through tears and with trembling voice.

The frost during the day was not an obstacle for the volunteers to do their jobs well. It was wonderful seeing them singing and cleaning the snow as if they wanted to daunt the frost and the heaps of heavy snow they had to clean. Nothing can be nicer than seeing content old people and happy faces of volunteers for brining Hope to them. In the end of the day the volunteers went home tired, but grateful for being helpful to people in need from the village.

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