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Just three days…. and summer camp starts!!!

Dear Friends and Visitors of our website,

Thank you for your support, prayers and nice words of encouragement you provided us! Thank you for following us and the activity of Hope and Future foundation!

Hope and Future foundation will run summer camp project this summer for children coming from socially-vulnerable, needy and poor families. With great joy in our hearts, we would like to let you know that in three days our first shift starts and the gates of summer camp will be open for the arrival of the children. Here we would like to thank our partners and friends from United States of America, Norway and Nederland for the generous and tremendous support they offered in making this summer camp happen. May God reward them richly! Summer camp is much awaited by all children around the country. Summer camp time is a wonderful possibility to share love, care and compassion to these children.

The summer camp carried out by H&F foundation is located in the forest. It is a nice site where the small cottages are silently waiting for the noisy children. H&F team and volunteers are busy with preparing all the necessary supplies and items in order to offer the children 10 unforgettable days in the summer camp.

‘This time of preparing everything for the summer camp and having everything arranged for summer camp and children is so excited for me. I am looking forward to meeting the children, befriending with them and spending 10 days of fun together. May God bless us with wonderful weather, so the children enjoy every moment of the summer camp!’ – expressed Silvia, H&F volunteer, while preparing the handicrafts supplies and the literature for camp Library.

‘The children are very curious, that is why I am preparing the booklets we will study in the summer camp. It is ‘The Great Journey’ booklet and it teaches about Jesus and Bible truth. I pray God prepare children’s hearts and minds for the message He has for them. I have discussed with some children and they shared that they are very impassioned and looking forward to go to summer camp! I am also thrilled of everything that happens around me. Everybody busy with preparing for summer camp! It will start very soon! May God bless all of us!!’ – shared Rodica, Christian Input coordinator of H&F foundation.

We would like to invite you to pray for summer camp activities and the children participating in them. If you would like to become partners with us in this wonderful ministry and serve the children in a way, please contact us and we will do our best and provide you with more details.

H&F team

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