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Hope and Future provided potatoes seeds and other vegetable seeds to needy families!

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As probably all of you know, Moldova is an agricultural country. Moldova’s soil is fertile and available for producing various crops. That’s why many families are involved in agriculture One spring day feeds a year – it is a wise Moldovan saying and it is very actual.

On one hand, the poor and old agricultural equipment is a hindrance in producing good harvest. The agricultural equipment is too expensive and ordinary people cannot afford it. On the other hand, the quality of crops seeds is also very important. Vegetable seeds of high quality which can guarantee good harvest are very expensive and ordinary people usually are late with seeding time. Hope and Future organization in Moldova, due to generous supporters from Norway, was close to needy families last spring season and offered them qualitative potatoes seeds. Therefore 27000 kilos of potatoes seeds reached 400 poor families in the villages of Southern area of Moldova. The families were so happy receiving the sacks with potatoes seeds. The hope of getting good harvest this year dwelt in their hearts.

‘I am so grateful to H&F team for offering us the potatoes seeds of high quality. The time is just right to seed them. At the market they are very expensive and we were waiting to buy some one month later when they would be cheaper. Thank you for thinking about us. Thank you for this tremendous support to my family. May God bless you all!’ – expressed Mrs. Elena.

‘This week I have just finished with working the soil and preparing it for seeds. Unfortunately the seeds are very expensive and planned to continue with agricultural activity later. We have been surprised to hear that we are going to be given some qualitative potatoes seeds. Thank you for helping my family with this. Now, I am peaceful that this year we will have crops in our garden. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.’ – shared Mr. Petru. ‘I am so grateful to H&F for the offered vegetable seeds. It has arrived on time. We hope to have a good potatoes harvest this year! Thank you very much!’ – said Mrs. Lidia.

‘I can’t imagine what I should do without your support with these much awaited vegetable seeds. They are so expensive at market this season. My family would not be able to buy them in the appropriate time for agriculture activities. May all your efforts be rewarded!’ – expressed Mrs. Maria.

H&F also provided the families with seeds of tomato, cucumber, carrot, red beet, celery, cabbage, cauliflower and of other vegetables.

On behalf of all H&F beneficiaries, we would like to thank our supporters for their efforts in helping the poor and needy families! If you are interested in this and would like to help a needy family with vegetable seeds, you are welcome to our team and will be at your disposal offering you the necessary information!

H&F team

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