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Hope and Future in MD sent 170 children to summer camp!

Dear Friends, Supporters and Visitors of our web-site,

In the beginning of June month, Hope and Future foundation organized a wonderful summer camp for children who come from needy, poor and socially-vulnerable families from seven communities of Cahul district. A number of 170 children enjoyed and experienced the joys and friendly atmosphere of summer camp. Is there anything better than making a child’s dream come true? And, especially of those who are daily struggling with their families’ troubles and lacks? Therefore, H&F opened the gates of the summer camp location in Moscovei village for the children from all walks of life to participate in the camp program carefully prepared for them. Best of all, the camp is offered free of charge to all children coming from needy and socially-vulnerable families.

The first day, the camp attendees settled in groups had the possibility to present their group members. The joy and happiness could be seen in their shining eyes when jumping on the stage in order to tell everybody who they are and where they come from. It was a special time for both children and camp staff. One after another the groups of children were quietly waiting to step on the stage and present themselves.

‘It is amazing moment. I am so excited to have these wonderful children in my group. They are so happy to be here, befriend with other children and have fun with their new friends. They are eagerly waiting for next days and for every activity that will take place here. God is at work. I feel His wonderful hand working in here. I am so thank ful to Him for allowing me to be a tool in His ministry. Just looking forward to serve these little ones in the best way! May God bless everyone!’ – shared Viorica, one of the team leaders.

‘I am so grateful to H&F for making this summer camp happen. I have never been in a camp, but I like being here a lot. This evening was very nice. I learnt a lot about other children and even befriended with some of them. I am looking forward to the next days and enjoy every activity here!’ – shared Alina, a camp attendee.

‘H&F made my dream true. I dreamt about attending such a camp. I heard from other children in my village about this camp and wanted very much getting here. I am grateful to H&F supporters who offered me the chance to participate at camp this year!’ – expressed Mariana, a camp attendee.

After the evening program the children together with their leaders went on the playground of the camp site and launched sky lanterns. Each group of children had to launch by one sky lantern. They had lots of fun doing that activity. Many of them did it for the first time in their lives. So, a whole week full of Bible lessons, performances, songs, games and sport activities lays before these small children. Being exhausted after a long day of getting to camp site, the children went to bed peacefully as they knew that Lord is their protection and their leaders were there to help them when needed.

H&F team in Moldova expresses heartfelt words of gratitude to every supporter who made this summer camp possible! May God bless and reward you richly! If you want to offer your support and be important in the life of one of these little ones, contact us on office@hopeandfuture.org and we will do our best to let you know how to do this best.

H&F team

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