A little help is a great future!

H&F highly appreciates the gifts-in-kind received from NL partners!

Dear Friends, Supporters and Visitors of our web site,

Hope and Future team in Moldova is grateful to our supporters from Stitching Hope and Future Moldova Nederland and from HRIF Global Aid who made possible a truck full of high quality gifts in kind. This time H&F was provided with pieces of furniture that will be delivered to poor families and socially-vulnerable children. The furniture is meant to improve the living conditions of the destitute and needy families.

‘The pieces of furniture are of good quality and they are much appreciated. There happened that people approahed us at COM in Crihana Veche and asked to helpe them in a way with pieces of furniture. We are so limited in the goods we receive, as the needs are too big among the poor families. This time H&F will be able to respond to the needs of these families and they will sleep sweetly from now. I would like to thank our friends from The Nederlands for making this truck possible and to our supporters from HRIF for offering us this huge support! Praying Lord to reward everyone’s efforts in making this truck to get to H&F in Moldova!’ – shared Tudor, COM Administrator.

Hope and Future foundation stands by families in need in their day by day difficulties. Therefore, the received gifts-in-kind will be highly appreciated by poor families. On behalf of all beneficiaries, we would like to thank our partners and supporters from The Nederlands for their generosity and offered support in these difficult times in their lives!

Whether you want to become important in a life of these poor families, contact us and we will do our best to give you the necessary details.

H&F team

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