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Helping the bell to ring for needy children!

Dear Friends, Supporters and Visitors of our web site,

As many of us have experienced, the beginning of school year usually brings joy and eagerness to step again in new adventures of the huge world of knowledge. Unfortunately the beginning of school year is a huge problem for both children and parents of socially-vulnerable strata of Moldova. Many of these children work hard in the farmers’ fields in order to be able to buy at least the most necessary school items while many others probably will quit their studies because they do not have any school supplies. Many parents approached Hope and Future staff sharing this urgent problem of theirs.

It is the second year when the Norwegian supporters of Hope and Future (H&F) foundation helps the bell to ring for 120 children coming from socially-vulnerable and poor families from several communities in the southern area of Moldova. Dedicated to bringing Hope for a better Future to needy children of Moldova, H&F also provides a strong voice that shines a light on the needs of underprivileged children.

Therefore, H&F would like to invite you to experience the joy of those children, their parents and grandparents when receiving the awaited support.

‘Dear Friend, Thank you for the school supplies that will be very useful during school year. Thank you from the bottom of my hearts for writing books, pens and other school supplies.’ – expressed Ema, a child of 7th grade.

‘Dear Friend, I would like to thank for school supplies: writing books, pens, felt-tip pens, note book. May God bless you. Thank you for thinking about me. These items will be very useful at school. I will do my best to study well at school. Thank you very much.’– shared Felicia, a student of 7th grade.

‘Lord’s peace be with you! I would like to address to the sponsors of Hope and Future foundation. My name is Anastasia and I am a grandmother of eight grandchildren out of whom four are students. You could not imagine how much joy there was on their faces when they received the beautiful backpacks filled with school supplies! They also were so nice holding the backpacks on their backs. We thought it was Lord’s blessings upon our children. On behalf of my grandchildren, I come with deep gratitude and thankfulness for the fine gesture you did for our children. You made my grandchildren happy and you managed to bring hope to their hearts for a nice future of theirs. That is nice to know that there big-hearted people who think about other children! May God bless you!’– wrote Mrs. Anastasia, grandmother of four students who received backpacks full of school supplies.

‘Dear Friends, We are highly grateful for the school supplies we joyfully received from you. We recognize that your gesture is very helpful to the parents of these children. Usually the beginning of school year brings both joy and worry to parents. The difficult financial situation and low wages are an obstacle that the children benefit from the necessary school supplies. You took a part of the worries of those parents in your hands. This means a lot for us. On behalf of all parents, grandparents and children, we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. May God bless you!’ – expressed Mr. Tudor, Coordinator of Hope and Future Community Center in Crihana Veche.

On behalf of all beneficiaries of School Supplies Project, we would like to thank our committed, dedicated and generous supporters from Norway for giving a new chance to 120 children attend the school this year.

If you want to shine a light of hope on the life of needy children in Moldova, please contact us on office@hopeandfuture.org and we will do our best to give you more details on how you can help.

May God bless you all!

H&F team

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