Helping Single Mothers

Due to poverty, high level of unemployment, weak rule of law and widespread corruption, Moldova faces great problems and experiences hard times. Single mothers in Moldova face many challenges, but those living in poverty face plenty more. In addition to the financial challenges and the responsibilities of being the sole providers for their children, the majority of single mothers – particularly in rural areas – lackeducation and specialized job skills, often accepting poorly paid jobs in unfavourable conditions.

helping single mothersOffering support to people around, Hope and Future Foundation met many single mothers who lived in deep poverty having no loaf of bread to offer to their children. The need of supporting the helpless single mothers is great. That it is why Hope and Future Foundation has come to understand that timeless wisdom: Mothers are the most important people in any community, anywhere around the world. It is through mothers, it is in partnership with mothers, that the lives of all people can be improved. Hope and Future Foundation comes to offer the necessary support to single mothers, knowing that they also are the ones who can bring about the change we all want to see: children growing up healthy and happy, equipped with all they need to lead lives of fulfillment and dignity.

Only putting together our forces we can change the destiny of these single mothers and help their tumultuous hearts to find peace and bring up their children with pleasure and happiness.