A little help is a great future!

Grandparents bearing their grandchildren

Avadanii family lives in a village from the south of Moldova. Mr. Tudor is 55 years old and Mrs. Elena is 48 years old. In their lives they managed to bear up their own children and married some of them. The grandparents face with lots of life problems and now put all their efforts to bear their grandchildren. The family lives in dire poverty.

The village they live in is at a distance of 20 km far from the near town. The lack of jobs pushed many parents to go abroad for finding a job. They left their children with their grandparents who besides their poor health condition they have to find strength to take care of their grandchildren.

Therefore, the grandparents Tudor and Elena work occasionally in the farmers’ filed during summer and autumn seasons. During winter and spring seasons they do not have any work to do thus the lacks are bigger and the poverty pressure is bigger, too. Even though, the grandparents try with all their efforts to offer their support to their younger daughter Valentina (14 years old), who lives with them and their two grandchildren Dina (4) and Ela (4). Even if their grand parents put all their efforts to offer them the best, these girls have sadness in their eyes. They long after the love and affection of their parents mixed with desires and aspirations without any future because of the poverty inherited from their grandparents. Here comes the question: What future will these children and others like them have, if the present is so dark and futureless?

The poor living conditions of grandparents’ house do not allow to these two girls to enjoy a nice dormitory. They share a cold and musty room, even in hot summer, without electricity and necessary furniture. Without any radio, TV set and books with bright colored drawings and nice fairy tales, it is difficult to imagine their intellectual, emotional and spiritual development. Even their physical development is not better as their daily meals consist of what they find in the garden or from their reserves. The grandparents do not have money to buy the necessary food items.

Seeing the sad situation of these children, I wander if these children still believe in their future and if they do so, how does it look like through their eyes?

We, by ourselves, have very limited resources in helping these girls and other children in their distress, but having united efforts, together we can contribute to improving the living conditions for a better development of theirs. In this way, we will encourage them and show them that the life is not so tough as they experience. We will show them that they also have a Future filled with Hope and nice achievements!!!

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