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Giving children in poverty a Christmas present!


Dear Friends and Supporters,

Even if we are moving through 2016 year, the echo of Christmas events and presents are still living in the minds and hearts of needy children and their families in Moldova. Hope and Future in Moldova was blessed with 1500 shoeboxes offered by Stitching De Samaritaan, The Netherlands. We are grateful to our friends and partners from Stitching Hope and Future Moldova│Nederland for bringing joy and happiness through these special Christmas presents to many socially and needy children in the Southern area of Moldova.

You know, Christmas for the poor is not about fancy lights and Christmas Trees… it is about food and heat and a job and winter clothes and boots for their kids, fire woods for keeping warm their homes. These are the daily routine and concerns that turn off their attention from a joyous Christmas holiday. Without any job and any penny, many poor families strive to meet the ends of their families. Presents on Christmas for their loved ones are far to be in their minds. That’s why H&F in Moldova highly appreciates the received Christmas shoe boxes filled with useful and helpful itmes for the needy children.

‘Thank you for this wonderful Christmas present! I like very much all the items I received in there. You know, I needed some school supplies and my parents could not buy them for me…. I am very happy that I received school supplies in this shoe-box! May God reward the people who sent us these wodnerful presents!’ – shared Liliana, a child who received a shoe-box frim De Samaritaan, The Nederlands.

‘This is a nice present on this Christmas. My parents are not able to offer us Christmas presents. Thank you for thinking about us. Thank you for bringing us joy and happiness alongside with this present. May God bless you!’ – shared Mariana, holding the presents.

‘I like the soft toy and hygiene items I received in the shoe-box. They will be useful and helpful for me. Thank you for your care and love.’ – expressed Nicolai, a child who received a present.

‘Thank you for bringing joy into the lives of our children. I am jobless and am not able to offer a present to my children. I bitterly managed to find a winter cloth and boots for my daughter. She is a pupil. There was a period in the beginning of winter when she missed shool because she did not have winter cloth and boots. As about presents on Christmas…. these thoughts are far from us… Thank you for thinking about us and our children. Thank you for everything! God bless you!’ – shared Mrs. Veronica, a mother of three.

The children enjoyed the presents. They eagerly waited to go home and share their presents with their families.

‘We express sincere words of gratitude to Stitching Hope and Future Moldova│Nederland and Stitching De Samaritaan, The Netherlands for these wonderful presents. The shoe-boxes helped us to share the true meaning of Christmas and tell them about Jesus love. They know that Lord loves them through you! Thank you for making a difference in the lives of needy children in Moldova.’ – shared Mr. Tudor, H&F team member.

If you want to make a difference in the life of a child in Moldova, contact us and we will offer you the necessary information.


H&F team

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