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‘Friends’ Club brings children lots of FRIENDS

‘Friends’ Club is another running project at COM in Crihana Veche village. ‘Friends’ Club is designed to provide the chance for children and teenagers, who would face difficult interacting in mainstream activities, with the opportunity to socialize, befriend and meet other teenagers to hang out with. Usually, these children come from socially-vulnerable and poor families who do not have enough attention, care and help from their parents. The goal of this ministry is to help these with their school homework and providing them with emotional, educational and material support. Also the children benefit from Bible studies where they are taught Bible truths and good values for their future lives.

Each child is approached individually and they are offered the necessary attention and care. This ministry involves a tremendous work and our volunteers are trained and have a rich experience in working with children.

The Club has a small Library including few dictionaries and other useful books that are helpful to children while preparing their school homework. Unfortunately, these are not sufficient for a better development of the activities and for a higher result of the children’s school successes. There are needed encyclopedias and dictionaries that are expensive and the children’s parents do not afford to provide their children with. For a more interesting interactive activities, the Club also needs a blackboard.

‘For me, ‘Friends’ Club is my second home. Here I have befriended with lots of children and I can say I have lots of friends. Before starting to attend this Club, I was shy and did not have so many friends. I am very grateful the way I am today, a friendly, happy and diligent girl with lots of FRIENDS.’ – shared happy Valeria, a Club attendee.

‘When I stepped the threshold of Community Center for the first time, I felt a friendly and warm atmosphere that wrapped up whole my being. Participating in the activities of ‘Friends’ Club I have learnt so many interesting and useful things like how important it is to be honest, nice and love others unconditionally. Also I have learned many Bible stories about Jesus and about His teachings.’ – expressed Luminita, another Club attendee.

‘Friends’ Club welcomes everyone who has kind spirit and big heart, who are willing to support the children coming from poor, needy and socially-vulnerable families. If you want to become a part of this nice ministry, contact us office@hopeandfuture.org and we will provide you with more details.

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