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Frank and Trudy visited H&F in Moldova!

Dear Friends, Supporters and Visitors of our web-site,

June was a very busy month for H&F team. The camps season started and it was necessary to prepare each detail for carrying out efficient and full of fun camps. Besides these preparational moments, H&F was visited by one of our Friend and Supporter, Frank van Opstal from Holland. This time Frank brought one of his friends Trudy van Hattum. They spent unforgettable moments at day camp and visiting sponsored child and other projects.

‘I enjoyed each moment at day camp. I liked being here among these sweet children. I spent a nice time with all of you!’ – shared Trudy.

Frank is a true friend and as a big brother for Loredana, his sponsored child. He is so connected to this little cute and smart girl. They spent time playing, laughing and learning more of each other. Frank treated Loredana’s family taking them out at Andy’s Pizza. It was a leisure time for whole family. He also took the family for shopping when he bought the family all the necessary food items for a period of time.

‘I am so busy day by day that I do not have a leisure moment. We cannot afford ourselves to get out at restaurant together with whole family. I am so grateful for all food items Frank bought us. We do not find the necessary words to thank him. We are grateful for the care he has towards our daughter and family. He saved us many times. I thank God for sending him to our family.’ – expressed Mrs. Olimpia.

Loredana will be a student in her 1st grades in September month. Even though, she studied violin for 5 last months. Frank was touched by her desire and paid for a violin Loredana will have at home and exercise.

‘Frank bought me a violin! Have you brought it? Please do not forget next time to bring it to me. I want to have it and practice.’ – said Loredana.

During his stay with H&F team, Frank noticed many needs among poor children attending the day camp. Some of them he visited at home and even helped with food items. He treated all the children attending the day camp with pizzas. It was amazing! All the children enjoyed pizzas and thanked Frank for his generosity.

‘I enjoyed eating pizza. It was a great surprise for all of us. Thank you Frank!’ – shared Marina.

‘Frank is a big-hearted young man. We enjoyed playing with him and spending unforgettable moments with him. Thank you for coming to us and spending time with us!’ – said Felicia.

The ‘Good bye!’ time was difficult for both children and Frank. Loredana cried and told she will miss her friend. On behalf of H&F team and Loredana’s family, we want to thank Frank for everything he did and is doing in order to offer a future for a better life to his sponsored child. We will never forget you, Frank! May God bless you and the ministry you are engaged in!

If you want to make a difference in a child’s life, as Frank is doing, contact us please and we will offer you the necessary information.

H&F team

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