Food items deliveries

The food items were always in great demand by the vulnerable strata of our society. Nowadays when the prices have got up and are about of record regarding the food items and other items, people in need from the country live daily nightmares by the fear for the next day when they would not have what to put on the table or what to offer to their children to eat.

food items deliveries

More than 53% of the country population, in the present times feed under the extreme standard. The nutrition risk grows from year to year, while the circle of those that exist and are considered chronically hungry enlarges, fact that deteriorates health condition of the majority population.

The cost of the food items in Moldova are in a sudden rising. This fact presents a great challenge for a country, where about 40% of citizens share their living in extreme poverty.

For making the needy people feel that they are not alone in their fight with life difficulties, we saw very important implementing of the Food Items Deliveries Project. It is highly appreciated by the beneficiaries and has a great impact on their lives. Thus through this project we will manage, together, to bring to many beneficiaries the Hope for the next day and the assurance that they will have what to set on their tables. In this way we will contribute to stopping the deterioration of the adults’ and elderly’s health condition. The most important is that we will assure a good development to the children that are our Future.