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Dreams come true with Hope and Future!

Dear Friends, Supporters and Visitors of our website,

Indeed dreams come true with Hope and Future foundation! Within our materials you met Chiper family from Pelinei village. It is a single parent needy family. Mrs. Sonia, the mother of three children, put all her efforts during many years to support her children and keep them at home. ‘I will starve and give them to eat, but I am not going to give my children to orphanage…’ – shared Mrs. Sonia through tears.

This family passed through hard times. During last years they changed seven lodgings, not because they were not pleased with the living conditions, but the landlords needed the houses or sold them. Again and again on the street with three children after her… These thoughts exhausted Mrs. Sonia. ‘Mrs. Sonia often comes to my Downtown office and shares her problems with me. I was surprised once when through tears she told me about her hardships and ended sharing that she wanted to commit suicide because she lost any hope for their lives. I was so pity for her. She is a responsible and loving mother, but each visit of her in my office broke my heart. I tried to help and support her family according to the possibilities of our local budget. With sadness in my heart I have to say that our local budget of our village is very poor and we cannot concentrate our forces on one family. There are many other problems of the village and villagers that also require our attention. But I am very grateful to generous supporters of Hope and Future foundation who brought Hope into the family of this mother and gave them a new chance to life.’ – expressed Mrs. Nina, the Mayor of Pelinei family.

One year ago our friends and supporters from Norway, Mr. Steinar and Mrs. Helen during their visit in Moldova met Chiper family. They were touched by the sad story of this family and decided to give them a chance to a new life. Therefore, Chiper family saw their dream achieved. They have settled in a house which today is theirs. They will sleep well during the nights and the thought of ‘Where should we go?’ will not torture anymore. ‘We do not have enough words to thank these wonderful people for the chance they offered to us. I know God sent them into our lives. I was deeply desperated, but they wrapped us with their care and love and showed us how much Lord loves us. It is incredible how He worked in our lives. We have moved into our new house and we feel great. We have even started to renovate the stoves for winter time. We bow in front of these big-hearted people for staying close to my family over this time. Now we have the documents of this house and we are over the moon. We keep them in our prayers and pray Lord to keep them safe everytime. Thank you very much, dear friends!’ – shared Mrs. Sonia with a faltering voice while expressing her feelings and emotions of becoming the owner of the house.

Hope and Future provided the family with a bigger bad for the son of the family and food items. Aladin was very happy and he shared with us his palns of arranging the things in his room. ‘Thank having me in your minds. I have never thought that I could be important to someone. H&F comes to when we less expect their visit. Also you have never visited us without bringing us something, even a kind encouragement which ment a lot for our family. Thank you very much for everything you do in our lives. Now, in our new home we have gained the confidence and I am sure the life will be easier for all of us. Thank you very much!’ – told Aladin the oldest child of Chiper family.

Hope and Future foundation helped Chiper family to notarize the documents of the house. Their happiness was huge while keeping in their hands the official documents of their home. Their dream came true. Our supporters have followed the Bible principle which says at James 1:27 ‘Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the word.‘

We, H&F team, would like to join Chiper family and express our sincere words of gratitude to Mr. Steinar and Mrs. Helen for their noble and generous hearts towards this family and many poor and needy families in the South. May God bless and reward them generously!

There are many other destitute families who need your support. Today you are offered the chance to make a difference in the life of a family. If you want to become a part of one of these poor families, contact us on office@hopeandfuture.org and we will give you the necessary details.

H&F team

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