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Day Camp organized for 60 children in Crihana Veche village!

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Three months of summer school vacation lays before the children in Moldova. Many of them have planned their activities, visits and rest during this longs summer vacation some time ago, while others do not find a minute of leisure carrying on their shoulders the daily tasks and chores in their yard or working shoulder to shoulder with their parents hoeing the corn and sun flower plants in the fields of farmers in their area. It is to earn some more food for their families and put apart some money for school items.

Hope and Future shares same feelings of pity and mercy in these children coming from destitute families where the ends never meet. A day camp with special program and leisure time was organized for 60 children in Crihana Veche village in June month. The children fully participated in all activities and spent a wonderful time playing games, singing, drawing, participating in sport contests and enjoying the lunch.

‘Thank you for organizing this amazing day camp. I have so many chores to do at home. My mom is not able to send me to rest somewhere. Here I feel so good together with other children! It is a nice vacation with lots of fun!’ – expressed Ana, a child who attended the day camp.

‘I like attending the day camp at COM. The games are so interesting and the singing time is uplifting. I have never attended such a camp. Thank you for allowing me to participate at this day camp. I feel my batteries recharging!’ – laughed Olesea, a camp attendee.

‘I like the handicrafts activities. I have learnt there to make nice masterpieces. The sport contests make us have fun and befriend with other children. They are so friendly and nice! Thank you for this amazing day camp!’ – shared Vadim.

‘The atmosphere is wonderful here at camp. I enjoyed every moment of being here. The children are nice and friendly. I even managed to make lots of friends here. The leaders are so carying and loving. I feel wonderful. Thank you for this special time!’ – expressed Delia.

‘The children come with great pleasure to camp every morning. I see them waiting impatiently for each activity. They actively participate in activities and like performing. We have managed to reveal many talents here. I am so glad to be able to work with them and share God’s love to them. I know they carry a story behind them, but I am more convinced that God has a plan for each of them. I will continue to pray for them. I would like to thank our supporters for making this day camp possible. May Lord bless and reward you richly!’ – shared Mrs. Silvia, one of the leaders of day camp.

Nothing is worth than to make these little ones laughing and easing their hearts of the burdens of the day. Making them happy and offering a better life is the goal of Hope and Future team.

If you want to be important in the lives of the children in need in Moldova, do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to offer you the necessary information.

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H&F team

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