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Day Camp for 200 children in Colibasi village!

In the second part of August month, Hope and Future foundation carried out one more day camp for 200 needy children in Colibasi community. It was a great joy for the kids as it was a leisure time for them after a vacation filled with different responsibilities like working in the field, taking care of various household chores and many others. The staff and volunteers of H&F foundation thought about these children and offered them cheerful moments. They provided a Christian-like atmosphere in which each person of any age could enjoy the wholesome activities of the camp.

The day camp is designed to meet the emotional, social, recreational and physical needs of children, but in the same time it allowed the children to enjoy their families at night. Best of all, the camp is offered free of charge to all children coming from poor and socially-vulnerable families. The children were also offered lunch and snacks during the day camp. The cooks prepared it with great pleasure and love while the children thanked them for serving them with such tasty food.

‘The day camp is a great ministry of H&F. The children are enthusiastic and very keen to start their day at the day camp. Our skillful and loving volunteers greeted them warmly every morning. As a result of this warm welcome the children settled quickly and eagerly waited to be engaged in the wide range activities prepared especially for them. It was great observing their enthusiast and pleasure while singing, listening to Bible stories, performing and playing games. Thus, on behalf of all day camp participants, we would like to thank the supporters of this wonderful project and for making this day camp possible. Many of these children shared that the time spent at this camp was the only leisure of theirs for this summer. Thank you for giving them this opportunity.’– expressed Nicu, H&F Coordinator.

The Christian Input (CI) volunteers of H&F are committed Christians, talented, creative, fun young people dedicated to working with children. Throughout the week the volunteers guided the children in Bible story time, sang together with them, encouraged them during contests and participated with them in amazing activities and best of all they shared with the campers the importance of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

‘We spent a wonderful time together with the children. It was a blessed time with nice moments and special experience. The children were excited of this summer camp. We, CI volunteers, were very grateful of how the children engaged in the camp activities and contests. We saw a big desire in children on learning more about Lord Jesus and willing to get involved in as many activities as possible. We managed to catch their attention during Bible lessons which were presented as theater. The Bible message was taught according to children’s understanding. The goal of this summer camp was to share Jesus love with children and invite them to Sunday School where they would find out more interesting things about Bible and learn Bible truths and values. We were very happy seeing the children coming for the first time to Sunday school after the day camp ended. We were happy as we managed to achieve a goal with God’s help. We hope that the seed put into the small hearts of the children will bear many fruits! We thank everyone for making many dreams come true this summer!’ – shared Nicoleta, Christian Input volunteer of H&F.

‘My name is Olesea. I am 11. I was thrilled when I heard that I was offered the possibility to go to day camp. I liked very much participating in this day camp. I enjoyed participating in many games with my team. Here I managed to befriend with other children. I liked the Bible lessons and the themed days. I enjoyed every moment. I have what to tell to my class mates. Thank you for these wonderful days in the camp!’ – expressed Olesea, a camper.

‘My name is Naomi. I am 10. I have two more brothers. My parents do not afford to pay for my rest in a summer camp that’s why we were extremely happy when we heard that this day camp was for free. I have never attended a camp. I learned many interesting thing about God and Lord Jesus during Bible lessons. I learned many songs. The games and sport contests were very interesting and I enjoyed participating in them. I would like to attend the Sunday school and continue to explore the Bible and its truths. Thank you for giving me this nice possibility. I fully enjoyed the day camp. I am eagerly to go to school and share everything with my school mates. Now I have what to tell about my summer holidays. Thank you very much!’ – said Naomi, a camp attendee.

‘My name is Eugen. I am 10. I like playing football and I fully did it in the day camp. It was my first experience in a day camp. It was wonderful. I liked the Bible stories and outdoor activities. The lunch was tasty and plenty. We all enjoyed it very much. Thank you for organizing such camps for us. Thank you for thinking about us.’ – shared Eugen, a camper.

We also join the children’s words of gratitude and say a great ‘Thank You!’ to all our generous supporters for their generosity and kindness. Nothing is better than bringing hope into the small hearts of these poor children and making their small dreams come true.

If reading this information you would like to become a part of this ministry and change a life into better, please contact us on office@hopeandfuture.org and we will do our best to give you more details on how to do this. Remember, nothing you do for the children is ever wasted! Thank you for your attention.

H&F staff

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