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Crafts Workshop – a place for making crafts and friends!

Regretfully, it is found that the phenomenon of migration and poverty have deeply affected the family and children of Republic of Moldova. The last one, has a future or at least a part of the future that will sometime or somehow avenge it. These are tens of thousands of children who were left face to face with life hardships and cruelty by their own parents who left abroad. The statistics are scarring and they say that each 10th child from R.M. has one or both parents abroad for hunting jobs.

Therefore, Hope and Future (H&F) foundation thinks about enhancing its projects and programs and offer a large spectrum of activities for children in need in the southern area. Community Center in Crihana Veche village is one of those two centers that are supported by H&F. As a response to the need of children in the area, one more workshop has been launched inside Community Center. Crafts Workshop Project is meant to offer to poor and socially-vulnerable children the chance to reveal themselves, their abilities and creativity, to improve and develop their self-esteem and confidence, to make new friends and to provide an atmosphere in which they can discover their talents. Currently, a number of 20 children attend the workshop with great pleasure and joy!

‘Crafts Workshop is highly welcome by all children at Community Center. It is the place where the children free their imagination and creativity for creating something. I am here to teach, guide, instruct and inspire them in making and creating nice things. The children are involved in team work and they learn to be patient, respect and appreciate the ideas and works of their peers. The child is an open universe and through Crafts Workshop we want to help the child to break the social shell he is in. Many of these children come from poor and socially-vulnerable families. In the beginning they were rejected and marginalized by others. Through this project we want to encourage them, to enhance their confidence and self-esteem. We want they know that they are like other children and they ‘CAN DO’ various nice works. They are valuable in God’s eyes and He loves them. We hope that we will achieve our goal and these children will become good and hardworking citizens. May God help us all!’ – expressed Miss Silvia, the Coordinator of Crafts Workshop.

‘I like attending this workshop. We create many interesting works. I managed to make a pot with red flowers and a nice book. I like the atmosphere we have here. I have attended it just few times, but I have so many friends already. Miss Silvia is so kind with us and she approaches to each of us and helps us when we don’t manage. I will continue to come here.’ – shared Valeria, a workshop attendee.

We are happy to know that the activities are helpful for the children and their personal development. We would like to enlarge this project in order to involve as many children as possible, but the raw material is limited. That it is why we would like to ask everybody who wants to support this workshop with various items so the children have all the time enough means to create, please contact us on office@hopeandfuture.org and we will give you the needed details and information about how to support.

Thank you for your kind thoughts, prayers and support of H&F ministry.

H&F team

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