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Community Center in Colibasi village – the anchor for needy people

Colibasi village is situated on the left bank of Prut River in the southwestern area of Republic of Moldova. It is a large village and its population is of 6021 inhabitants. The majority of its households are involved in agriculture, beekeeping and animal breeding. The lack of jobs in the community pushed many people to leave their homes and go abroad for finding jobs and opportunities to provide for their families.

Local Baptist Church in Colibasi village owns a land of 2,32 hectare which is located in the central part of the village. After a long time of prayer, God guided the Baptist believers and put on their hearts to serve the needy, lonely and socially-vulnerable people in the village. The main goal of this ministry is to show to people around the love and kindness of Lord Jesus. Therefore, in spring of 2008, with faith and courage of Baptist Christians, the construction for the new Community Center building started. With united efforts, like Joshua and his people, the believers worked hard worshiping God. Their joy was bigger from day to day when they saw with their own eyes how their dream became true.

‘It is our new Community Center. It is strategically located in the center of the village. I see it as a great blessing for our village. The building has two floors. The first floor is designated for social canteen and 50-60 beneficiaries will be able to come and have their warm meal. The beneficiaries will receive not only material food, but also they will benefit from emotional and spiritual support. The building has a large hall on second floor. This room is designated for various activities and ministries with children and youth from the village. I see this Community Center a place where people would come to feed and warm their bodies, heal their emotional scars and fill the emptiness of their hearts. It will give them the necessary strength and courage to cope with their daily troubles and challenges. The doors of our Community Center are open for everybody. Unfortunately, the construction activities are not finished yet, but we managed to organize some activities with children and young people. The first floor is 70% finished while second floor is 90% ready. We still need the kitchen equipment (tables, chairs, stove, kitchen vessel, etc) that is very important for the ministry we want to start here. May God bless this new Community Center and we pray this building to be a retreat place for those in need. I know God has great plans for this building!’ – shared Mr. Ion Rosca, Hope and Future Moldova Foundation Coordinator about new Community Center.

With the support of Hope and Future Moldova Foundation, a Social Canteen is carried out in the village. It offers warm meals to poor and needy people and socially-vulnerable children in the village. Since the new building of Community Center is still under construction, the social canteen is carried on at the Baptist Local Church. Daily the canteen is attended by 30 people who are offered a warm meal and when it is needed spiritual and emotional support.

‘We want to thank Hope and Future Moldova Foundation and big-hearted people for offering their support in this social project. At the moment we are able to offer support only to 20 people while the demand is bigger. Unfortunately we do not have enough room here for a bigger number of beneficiaries. In summer we hope to open the new Community Center and we hope the number of beneficiaries will increase. I see this Community Center will have a big and positive impact on many lives. I see many lives changed after receiving the necessary support at Community Center!’ – expressed Mr. Ion Rosca.

Many beneficiaries found at Community Center a shelter in hard times of their lives. In a time of all kinds of change and uncertainty, of fear and breakneck speed to nowhere, of totally lack of indifference to needy people around, many beneficiaries found Community Center as the anchor of their souls. Unfortunately, the Community Center in Colibasi village is not able to fully use its potential in helping the oppressed by poverty and neglect because they need to finish the last construction details.

If you want to become a part of this wonderful ministry and be helpful to one of those in need, unite your efforts with them and be their anchor in time of distress!

If you want to find out more details and offer your support in a way please contact us on office@hopeandfuture.org and we will be happy to answer all your questions!

Thank you for being open to the needs of others and wanting to partner with us in this ministry!

You can make a difference in one life today! May God bless you!


Hope and Future Moldova Foundation staff

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