A little help is a great future!

Community Center – a shelter of Hope for needy in their distress

Hope and Future Moldova Foundation (H&F MD) supports the Community Center in Crihana Veche village. The Center is an oasis of hope for needy people living in the community. It includes a variety of activities and projects designed to bring comfort, care and fellowship and to lessen the pain of destitute families, socially-vulnerable children and lonely and rejected elderly. Through all its activities the Community Center offers educational, material, emotional and spiritual support to people in the village, young and adult, who need and ask for it.

Soup kitchen is one of the projects carried out by the Community Center. It offers warm meals 5 days a week to 60 needy people in the village. The beneficiaries come from poor and destitute families. Many families do not have enough money for offering their children the basics like food and clothing. The elderly people are provided with very low paid pensions by state and they hardly manage to meet their daily needs when the medications and social services are very expensive. These individuals are the most vulnerable social group because of their ages, feeble health condition and being forgotten or abandoned by their own families. The folk from Community Center create a bright and friendly atmosphere so the beneficiaries can come and enjoy a warm and nourishing meal, open themselves to communication, befriend with each other and feel they are part of a big family where they are accepted as they are. Therefore, attending the Community Center the beneficiaries find understanding, respect, acceptance, compassion and care.

‘My name is Vasile. I like attending the Community Center. The people here are nice and friendly. Many people in the village laugh on me, but people from the center accept as I am. I like the food here and I daily come to receive my meal. Sometimes, if I am far from center, my stomach tells me that it is time for going to the feeding center. People from here are so caring. I feel that they care about me; otherwise they would not allow me to walk in with my dirty and bad smelling clothes and shoes. They offered me the necessary clothing and shoes when I needed them. I am very grateful to them for being so opened towards people like me.’ – shared Vasile Unciuc.

‘I am so grateful to be part of this Community Center. I enjoy coming here as I meet people and communicate with them. It is difficult for me to struggle with all life problems and changes. I am not young and it seems like my body does not obey me anymore. I walk with difficulty and have a feeble health condition. I do not have enough strength to struggle with all needs and daily challenges as I did when I was young. I am happy that I am able to come to Community Center as here I find a very warm atmosphere. The meals are very tasty. The people I meet here are kind and benevolent. Thank you for taking care of us, old people, as we are forgotten by everyone. Once we played an important role in the life of this community, but today nobody needs us. Thank you for everything you do for us!’ – expressed Mrs. Parascovia Popov.

‘It is so wonderful that we have such a Center in our village which takes care of needy ones. I am thankful to all people from here that are so careful to me. I feel well when I come here. I like discussing with volunteers. The food is tasty and delicious. I find this Center like a life boat for myself. It is so difficult to cope with all daily challenges and problems. Thank you for allowing me to be a beneficiary of this Center. You do a nice ministry for the people in the village. Thank you for everything you do for us.’ – said Mr. Vasile.

On behalf of all beneficiaries who attend the Community Center in Crihana Veche, Hope and Future Moldova Foundation staff expresses sincere words of gratitude to big-hearted and generous people for offering a hope for a better future to needy people in Moldova.

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