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Celebrating Children’s Birthdays in the Summer Camp!!!

Dear Friends, Supporters and Visitors of our website,

Thank you for following us during this week! It was a week filled with love, care, joy, good will, new friendships, contests, Bible verses, songs, performances and many interesting things. Friday was the last day of 1st shift of summer camp. The bright sun, joyful bird singing and peaceful serene sky of the morning foreseen a wonderful day ahead! It was an important day because we celebrated Children’s Birthdays.

During Bible lesson, Christian Input volunteers taught the children the story about Jesus forgiving and healing a paralyzed man. The Bible verse was ‘By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.’ John 13:35 (NIV) ‘This Bible story has a powerful emotional and spiritual charge. The children liked it. They were taught about the importance of a healthy friendship in human life. The friends of that paralyzed man insisted to bring their friend with health problems to Jesus. Nothing could stop them even the large crowd that sorrounded Him. They knew that only Jesus could heal their friend. They believed in that. The same it works for our lives nowadays. We can ask for Lord’s help in our life difficulties and He as our Friend will always be there to help. We urged the children to befriend with Lord Jesus and He will always be close to them.’ – shared Mihaela one of Christian Input volunteers in the summer camp.

‘I liked the Bible lesson of today. I learnt that Jesus is the best friend. People may betray you, but Lord Jesus will never do that. It also is nice to have true friends who would help you in a difficult situation as the friends of that paralyzed man did. I have managed to make new friends here in the summer camp. It is wonderful to be sorrounded by good friends. I would like to have good friends as the man from Bible story. Thank you for this nice Bible lesson.’ – shared Felicia, a camp attendee.

During handicrafts activities the children made a house and glued on it the picture of healed paralyzed man. All the activities in the summer camp during the day were connected to the Bible truth heard and learnt in the morning. It helped the children to understand better the Bible truth and apply it in their lives by being good friends to the weak ones near them. The children also had the chance to make other masterpieces during handicrafts activities.

After sport contests organized for children, it came the turn to educators, Christian Input coordinators and other camp staff to compete between them in sport games. So, there were settled two teams ‘Stejarii’ (Oak trees) and‘Vulturii’ (Eagels). The children were the best supporters of them. They cheered, applauded and encouraged their educators. The educators in their turn did their best and faught fiercely to obtain the victory and be the winners. The sport tasks were interesting and funny. We also enjoyed having amongst us Mrs. Helen and Mr. Steinar, our friends and partners from Norway, who shared their positive energy to everybody in the camp.

During the days spent in the summer camp the children had the chance to gather points. So, on Friday as the last day of the summer camp, there was set up a shop where the children, using the points accumulated during the summer camp, could ‘buy’ various things they wanted.

A big surprise was waiting for the children in the afternoon. Mrs. Helen and Mr. Steinar, our friends from Norway congratulated the children on their Birthdays. All the children in the summer camp enjoyed a piece of cake, icecream, juice and banana. The children were very happy of such a wonderful surprise.

It was a special program prepared for evening chapel. There were offered awards to children for various contests and competitions. The children sang, laughed, performed and had the chance to share their thoughts about their experience in the summer camp and thank all the supporters and contributors to such a wonderful summer camp. The evening ended with releasing paper lampions by our friends from Norway. It was a sign of friendship between them and children. Everybody looked up while red light lampion lanterns flew high in the sky. The children were extremly happy, but in the same time having a slight regret in their hearts…. the summer camp time was about to finish.

We continue to pray for them that God continue to grow the seed of His Word put into their small sincere hearts. Thank you for following us on this nice trip of summer camp day by day. If you have become interested and would like to know how you can contribute for a summer camp for next year, please contact us on office@hopeandfuture.org and we will be more than happy to give you the necessary details. Also you are welcome to be a volunteer in our summer camps!! !

H&F team

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