A little help is a great future!

Caring for those who cared for us is one of the highest honors

The economic, politic and social crisis in Moldova touched the most vulnerable strata around Moldova. It is having a devastating effect on socially-vulnerable children, poor families and helpless elderly. Many old people are becoming weak and malnourished because they do not have enough to eat. Their small pensions are far to be enough for their daily basic needs. This leaves them more vulnerable to illness that cannot afford medical care for and unable to provide for even their basic needs. In many cases, family members are unable to help them as they struggle to feed their own children or are gone abroad to work and have already established there together with their families. These circumstances and social factors leave the elderly without any form of support and very often living and sharing heartbreaking conditions.

Hope and Future Moldova foundation thought about these lonely, sick and powerless people and through its Happy Old Ages Project brought a ray of hope to their hearts on Easter holidays. The team and volunteers of H&F foundation visited many elderly in Crihana Veche village by delivering them bags with basic food items. The joy and happiness could be seen on the wrinkled faces of these nice and patient people.

Mrs. Vlentina Brasoveanu, a volunteer of H&F foundation, knows that to care for the poor and brokenhearted it is needed to simply be there for them, be willing to listen to them and offer them comfort. ‘The ministry of H&F foundation is great. It is very important for these people to know that somebody stays close to them, encourage them, and listen to their needs and help. I would like to thank the partners of H&F Moldova who made this happen. May God reward you generously!’ – expressed Mrs. Valentina

‘It is such a big surprise to visit me. Thank you for your kindness. I am 69 years old. I worked as a kindergarten educator, but because I started to lose my eye sight I quitted to work anymore there. At the moment I am blind, I can’t see with my right eye at all and very little I see with my left eye. I am lonely as my children have their families and far away from here. In my situation with a week health condition and no one staying with to me, it is very hard. Sometimes I stay and wait close the gate for some of our neighbors and ask them to buy me bread or something I need. Sometimes it happens to meet someone, while sometimes I do not meet anyone. Thank you for thinking about me on these Easter holidays and brining me these very helpful food items. You are so kind to me. Your visit brings hope to my heart and I understand that I am not forgotten, but there are people who think about me and not just think, but they come and visit me. Your song is so encouraging. Thank you so much for all your efforts!’ – expressed Mrs. Vera.

‘It is wonderful to have you in our home. Thank you for coming to visit us. We are old and lonely. Our children come and visit us, but they have their own families and we do not want to be a burden for them. We try to live the days we have on this earth as we can. We are grateful to God that we have the daily bread on our table. God is good with us. I lived the times of famine in our country from 1946. I know how it is to starve and not to have a loaf of bread to feed the youngest siblings. I brought up my three younger siblings, as we remained orphans after the death of our mom and the father was put in prison because he was considered kulak. It was a hard time for our family, but God endured us and we managed to see our grand-grandchildren. My husband is paralyzed and his illness confined him to his couch. I am walking hardly, but I try to do all the daily chores as I am able to. Thank you for your time. Thank you for listening to us and for this nice song. Your song is like chrism that anoints our hearts. It is so encouraging for us. The food items are very important for us in these very difficult times for us. Please convey our warm regards to people who thought about us.’ – expressed Mrs. Elena Boghean.

‘We are lonely elderly. Our children are gone abroad and have their families. They strive to feed their children and it is expensive for them to come and visit us. The winter was harsh and difficult for us. It took all our efforts. We barely managed to survive out of it. We suffered cold and hunger during last winter. But we are happy that in spite of all our difficulties we can enjoy the spring time. Our pensions are small and the prices in the market are high and we do not manage to cover all our daily needs and expenses. We are so grateful to you for paying us a visit. Thank you for these food items. They mean a lot for us as we do not have any in our home. It looks like God sent you to us. Thank you!’– expressed Rosanu spouses, Ion and Zonica.

Today we would like to thank all our supporters from Norway for sharing and supporting our ministry and for being a part of our caring team. Your partnership in our ministry to these grateful people is an indispensable part of our work.

Dear Visitor, if you want to become a part of this great ministry and would like to support this project or another one of Hope and Future foundation, please contact us on office@hopeandfuture.org

H&F MD team

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