Camps for the vulnerable children

The camps are a fairytale place for many children from Moldova who even don’t dare to imagine themselves how would be their time in the camp. The poor families do not afford themselves to offer to their children a rest in the summer camp. Despite this, the children are involved in various agricultural works during summer. In this way their childhood passes by and they become adults earlier than it is expected. Hope and Future Foundation aims to help the children from socially-vulnerable families to benefit from the friendly and peaceful atmosphere of the camps.

Attending and resting in a camp is considered a luxury for the children who come from poor and needy families. Camp could be the unique experience in children’s lives lasting for a long time in their minds and hearts and sharing this experience with everyone.camps for the vulnerable children Being in the camp the children will enjoy the friendly atmosphere from there; they will be far from the daily lacks and violence from their families; they will befriend with other children; they will play with no worries enjoying their breakfast, lunch and dinner on time; they will be offered the possibility to wash themselves every day. The children will be treated with kindness and will be surrounded by adults who care about them and who understand their needs and help them to overcome the emotion and educational needs.

The extraordinary significance of the camp for the children motivates us to make efforts in finding the needed resources and offer these children the possibility to enjoy, for some days, the beauty of special places and to experience special moments in their lives. The program of each day in the camp allows the children and the youth learn new things and discuss about life values and principles with their educators who will accompany them.